Play with your Food

I just got through eating the most delicious brownie in the world. (Kelsey, Tommy got it from Back Creek Deli downtown. We. Must.Go.) So I have food on the brain. Well, lucky for me (or you), I came across the most amazing food to share with you.

As a kid, I remember the kid's in school whose parents would send notes with their lunches. Ooooh, how I loved that. Oddly, I looked forward to those notes as much as my classmates did. I know. I am sure I was a weird kid. Surely you guys can relate. Right? Anyone?

Today on Spearmint Baby, she featured school lunches made by a dad in Omaha.

(You guys, Mickey's pants are made of an apple. An apple, people!)

Um, yeah, I can't even make dinner.

Honestly, have you ever seen anything cuter?

And for those of us who are a little less creative, you can try this plate from Perpetual Kid:

Random thoughts for the night:

Um, did you guys catch I Get That A Lot? It might be the Wednesday night equivalent to Conveyor Belt of Love. I am just sayin'. I have to give Paris props. She was actually really funny. And nice. I think I would fit in at one of her parties.

Also, I am an aunt again today! I got to see my new little niece tonight on Skype. Seriously, I feel soooo techy. Have you guys ever done it? It was only a half Skype since I don't yet have a web cam. But whatev. Close enough. (Any web cam recs would be appreciated. I know anyone who might Skype me is DYING to see me....and my dogs.) Oh, and my niece is precious and perfect. We already love her! PS - I am not world's worst aunt who hates to get out in the cold weather (though that is true too...hence the no work out tonight). She lives in Nebraska.


  1. I love's weird though just talking out loud to your computer. That is the only way I can talk to Lindsey unless I want to pay and arm and a leg to call Kenya. Congrats on becoming an aunt again!


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