Look what I Stumbled Upon

This week I found the mecca of internet addiction - Stumble Upon*. I had heard of it before but I had no idea what it was. Basically, you check some boxes of things that interest you and you start "stumbling." Websites and blogs of things that you never even knew exisited pop up. And you will never be able to quit. I apologize. (It took me a second to figure out you need to hit the stumble button on the top left to be taken to the next website of interest.)

So after giving two hours of my life to this website, I did find some cool things I wanted to share.

First, the item we have all been living without - The Daddle. You know, a saddle for dads.

Next, I came across this site called Taste Spotting, which is self-described as a community pot luck. One of the featured items was Crispy Cones. I am intrigued. I love miniatures. I love food. And I love food in a little container. Sold. Now I just need to figure out where to get them.
A site set up similar to Taste Spotting is Food Gawker. Where I came across a website on how to make homemade (yes you read that right - homemade) Pop Tarts. Visit Bake Me More to get the full recipe. Hint, these are made from pie crusts.

Lastly, I stumbled upon Sing for Your Supper, which featured an infamous crack dip. I have never heard of said dip. But I now know I must have it. Bachelor girls, this might be on my party menu!

Okay, if you guys "stumble" you must let me know what you find. Dying to know what I might be missing out on!

*Think twice before you click this link. You may never be able to leave your computer.


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