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Today I have had lots of thoughts I wanted to share with you guys and do a little quiz. (Like is Lady Gaga a man or a woman? And how can you that Bad Romance song out of your head? Also, did you guys watch the Bachelor last night? More importantly, did you watch Conveyor Belt of Love?) But instead of coming up with an impressive array of questions with a cute little quiz, I copied some pictures instead (what's new?) I cannot promise excitement here all the time.

Anyway, in my evening of complete laziness (minus the meeting I went to, the website I worked on and the invitations I created) I still found time to check the 1800 blogs I subscribe to and came across the site TapeSwell. I never thought I would need expensive tape. But I do. And I need it soon.

You can also find some fun mailing labels on the site. Which I am sure I would also use...if I mailed people. But you never know when you might need to mail someone. So I might as well stock up.

I will say, though, that the site does a great job letting people know how they can actually use their products on their Tacky Ideas page. It is hard to know what you would do with designer tape to get the most out of it.

Please feel free to use the comments section to answer my questions above. I do need to know what you guys think about Conveyor Belt of Love, the Bachelor AND Lady Gaga. Okay, really I just want to know if anyone else watched CB of L.


  1. OK, I know I said at the meeting tonight that I hadn't ever commented, but I had to...
    I totally got sucked in to Conveyor Belt of Love (after watching The Bachelor, of course). It was like a train wreck - I just couldn't turn it off!

  2. CB of L - train wreck I just couldn't take my eyes off of! And I was completely insulted by the CHILD of 24 who defined a "cougar" as someone over the age of 32!!! Hello....everyone knows a cougar starts at age 40!!! (as someone standing on the ledge of 33, this was particularly insulting!!!) Plus, I loved that blonde girl's Jersey accent - hilarious!
    Don't even get me started on the Bachelor bunch...only ones that look halfway normal to me are the blonde Ali and the nanny Elizabeth (although I'd never let a nanny that hot around my kids or hubby!!!)
    Enjoyed being lazy with my TiVo last night after the kids went to bed! Ready for Gossip Girl to come back though - totally missing my XOXO.
    (ps - I will be sending you some recipes...just swamped this week with trunk shows! look for them over the weekend :)!!!)

  3. The sour look I got from my husband prevented me from watch CBofL.. after two hours of the Bachelor, I knew better than to press my luck.

    I really like the Bad Romance song, but do think Lady G is quite, um, odd.. have you seen the video? Just straight up weird.

    *Love love love I want your love*

  4. For some strange reason, I really love Lady Gaga. I think she's definitely a lady but a bit androgynous. I watched her on Ellen and she said that in high school she always dreamed of being like Boy George. The thing I really like about her is that she actually sings, she doesn't lipsync like everyone else in the pop music biz.

    I'm going to have to check out this Conveyor Belt of Love everyone is so addicted to!


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