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There has been lots of excitement in my world today -- first, the snow. And I found out they are building an Extreme Home Makeover house literally down the block from me.

This is as close as I could get (well, I actually got to that little tent before security asked me to leave. However, I think security and I are going to be bff. I am going to bring him some hot chocolate later. ; ) Okay, maybe not. But that would be nice of me.)

I don't know why this didn't occur to me before today that this was going on. I am a complete moron...yesterday I called Tommy at lunch and was like "there is something weird going on down the street. It is completely blocked off, huge trucks are lining the road, police are everywhere, camera crews are out." Tommy convinced me there was not a murder. (No worries, where I live is safe---it would have most likely been a domestic assault.) He was pretty sure they were just using our block as a staging area for the pending snow storm. Somehow I bought this as a plausible explanation.

(Truth be told, I actually only noticed all of the commotion because we live close to the University of Tulsa and there has been this building that Tommy and I have been trying to figure out what it is for months. They keep remodeling the outside and it has no windows. A strip club had been ruled out because we live way too close to a church and it had a family name on the outside. Well, finally yesterday they put up a banner over the entrance saying the name of the business and that they make dental orthotics. It really only hit me about five minutes ago that they probably put up the banner because they are letting the makeover crew park there. Wow, I am just really not connecting the dots. I may need to start doing brain games.)

And I really have no segue from that into this area of my post, so consider this like a new chapter. Well, more like a new book....since chapters usually have something to do with the chapter before.

But as I was perusing the web today, I came across some really cute party ideas. This one comes from Twig and Thistle's blog. (Really cute blog, you guys need to check it out.) She found the most adorable invitations for a Shark Week party from the blog of Silverbox Creative Studio. Her invites are so clever and her blog is filled with great ideas. This cracked me up too -it was mentioned in Twig & Thistle's blog post that they served Bloody Mary's at the party. Ha! The cupcakes are by Martha - of course!

Also, I don't know if you have ever been to the blog of Amy Atlas but she does amazing designs of all kinds. Today she featured her son's airplane themed birthday party and I love it. It is so clean and simple. Be sure to go to her blog to see the full post because there are so many really great ideas.
I especially loved this idea for the place mats -- just scrapbook paper. So simple but it makes a great table setting.

I will post pics when I meet Ty Pennington. Ha! : )


  1. Katie, I think you should take hot chocolate to the security guy!! Keep us posted on the progress of the house!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  2. That's crazy the house is just down the street from you! Can't wait to get the "inside" scoop :)

  3. NO WAY they filming right down the street!! This is only something that would happen to you.. never to me. Definitely get chummy with the security guy, this is vital. Can't wait to see what they do!! Do you think they'll tear the whole house down???

  4. Your blog links (and your blog) make me feel inspired and so untalented at the same time, ha! Thanks for all the fun links! They've given me great ideas for many parties to come! -Leah


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