Flower Art

I am seriously struggling with blog topics (help wanted, please), so the thought came to me to feature floral art. I love flowers and I love seeing them in a different way, so this should be easy. I go to Google Images, put in flower sculpture and this is what I found (from the website ClarkMade.com):

Something is telling me that men would not appreciate this art quite like a woman would. I am just sayin’.

I was thinking a little more like this floral shoe from Julie Mulligan's 1-800-Flowers Blog.

Or Preston Bailey's "pineapple" arrangement.
Or like Jane Carroll's amazing floral creations:

(Yes, that is a floral blow dryer. Seriously cute.)

However, while I was searching, I also came across this (ugh, I didn't get the photo source...sorry!!):

Have you ever seen a cuter cupcake presentation? I need to have a tea party. Or a cupcake party. Or both. Whatev.

Also, I kind of want, must have, need to get these rings made by Aleximo:

I have no idea if I would ever wear it, but seriously it is so cute I may I have to drink tiny tea drinks out of it. Or coffee. (Wouldn’t that be cute with the tiniest dash of creamer?)


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