Sweeping the Nation

As many of you might remember, I have a slight fascination with the Snuggie. Well, my friend Stephanie received an email today and thought of me:

Now we can get one for the whole family so that I don't have to dress my dog up like this:

Apparently, I knew a Snuggie for dogs would be a big hit before the Snuggie even existed. This picture was taken in 2005. I am always a little late to the party.

Thanks, Stephanie, for the great find!


  1. The dog snuggie--that's hilarious!! They do have the snuggie now in fashionable zebra & leopard print and a solid camel color...so chic! Now, the recordable dog collar--I like :) Maybe that and "doggles" will be a gift bag for Bella in the near future...


  2. This still cracks me up! We need to get all the dogs together & have a dog snuggie party - haha!


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