Guilty Pleasure

I know I am way too old to be watching the Real World but I am still totally watching it. I cannot help it. They have sucked me in for 22 seasons. It is kind of like an old friend. Only it is a TV show. With new characters. But still. These people would never make it without me.

However, this season the girls keep wearing their headbands in the most unusual spot on their head. Have I missed this trend somehow? I am still on the the fence about wearing headbands anyway, so you will never catch me wearing my headband like this. Unless I decide to dress up like a 20 year old for Halloween. But, that is a whole other post.

So, is this in or out? Someone help me.


  1. I have to say it looks somewhat cute on the girls in the picture, but if I was to try this...uh-no! I think I would look like some washed-up Pocahantas wannabe! In other words, perhaps a cute look for Hollywood, but not for us moms in everyday life!!?!?

  2. I mean I am a real Indian so I think I could get away with it but you should probably stick with the bows and flower kind!!! That is so funny, last time we watched Real World (yes we still watch as well even though we keep saying we hate this seasons cast... for some reason the keep getting younger???) anyways matt kept asking why the girls were all tying things around their heads.
    ~ Iris


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