Curiously Strong

Last night I had my wine and cheese party and it was so much fun! I will have pictures later this week. Tonight was my brother-in-law's birthday so I have not had time to email them all to myself (since I am still without my camera). No worries, I will not leave you guys hanging for too long.

For Kyle's birthday we got him a gift card to Lowe's because he is wanting to get a new grill. I wanted to put it in a fun manly packaging. Instead he got it in a gift bag from my wedding.

Well, that got me thinking about the cutest gift card/favor holder I saw recently on someones blog. Of course I didn't bookmark it but I didn't earn the title "master googler" (ahem) for nothing.

The blog, Alpha Mom, highlighted Altoid tins refashioned as little tool boxes!!!
Have you seen anything cuter? Ever? Um, and these are miniature too. Hello cuteness! If you are so inclined to try these yourself, first, I hope you collect Altoids tins (have you ever had good breath that was so expensive)? Second, you can get full instructions here.


  1. I love this idea!! Those are too cute. Just don't let the guy throw it out after he opens it- you know how guys are! :)

  2. That is so stinkin' it!! Can't wait to see pics from your party, too!

  3. I actually have 3 altoid tins waiting in the wings!! I took an altered tin class at the library and it was super fun. Instead of a million cute altered tins laying around, I have random junk.

    Soon, thanks to you!!, I will have adorable tool boxes for Christmas gift cards!!!

    LOVED IT~~~


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