Niece or Nephew - That is the question...

Yesterday I spent all working hours waiting and watching the phone wondering when my sister-in-law (see how mature we are above) would call me with the news - Team Pink or Blue for my other darling niece or nephew to be born this year. 5 p.m. rolls around - no calls, no texts, no Facebook messages. I call everyone she knows only to find out Tori has her doctor appointment at 5:30 on a Friday. (Seriously, aren't all doctors required to leave at noon on the weekend? Apparently they don't golf in the afternoons in Nebraska.)

Finally at 6:30 (damn time zone) I get the call I have been waiting for only to find out Baby G is very modest!!!!! The doctor did tell them he thinks there is an 85% chance it is a girl meaning my baby prediction streak is now at 5 correct guesses and 1 incorrect...however, I still have a shot. And, that is what is important here, right?

Is it bad I want to make baby a t-shirt that instead of saying 100% girl it says 85% girl? Tommy told me no. I, however, think it would be hilarious. But, since I am in competition for World's Greatest Aunt with my other sister-in-law I will hold off. I do think Tori would find it funny, as she laughed (alot) when told her I was only 85% excited about the news.

The good news is Tori and Eric will find out 100% what baby is on 9/4. Here's to hoping baby shows his/her stuff, so Aunt Katie can begin shopping!!!!


  1. 85% girl...HILARIOUS! I was rolling laughing - I like your sense of humor...I get it! Very funny! So sorry I'm missing both the Southern Living/Wine & Cheese event AND the fabulous Baby Shower. Really bummed I can't be at either. Party hard for me, and I think I should be getting my gift for Baby Finley wrapped up by the end of week so it should get there in time. Love it! (hope Ms. Allison will as well!) Anyway, you girls have fun and keep the posts/pics coming! love, Jennifer


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