A Party

So, I have decided to pair my wine and cheese party with a Southern Living at Home party. Since most of the decor in my house comes from one of two places, Target or Southern Living, it is always fun to have a party when their new catalog comes out.

I have everything from my paper towel holder....
to canisters....
to trivets...from Southern Living.

This is is one of my favorite things...I usually put some decorative napkins in and fill with chips when I have a Mexican dinner. (Even when it is just Tommy and me. Totally kidding.)
I get tons of compliments on this Gail Pittman Bowl and Tuscan Vase (yes, Jane, your Buddha statue is still up for display.)
I also have the matching pitcher.

And my favorite piece is this candalier. Party after party it is used!

I love this too...turn it upside down and it is a cake stand. I love dual purpose.

If you are out of town and interested in purchasing anything, you can view the catalog here and it will be sent right to your house! Hope to see you guys at the party!


  1. Katie, You are just so talented. You never cease to amaze me.
    Love, Aunt Angie

  2. I am so in, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Southern Living. Was thinking of coming up to Tulsa on Wed. You think you'd be available for lunch or anything? I need to see a couple other clients as well so I'd make a day of it!

  3. I want the two mix and match hangers for doors and I need to get two of them. When does the party close?

  4. I think I'm also gonna need some Emerson stemware, and while you're at it, you should totally just give your rep my email so I can have a party (no worries I'll still buy from yours) but this will keep me from divorce by shopping. :)

    I also think I'm going to need the Tuscan baker and possibly the pitcher............... I totally need a catalog and an order form!!!!

  5. Angie! You are so funny! I sent you an email to your Cox mail with details! Hope to see you this week!

  6. Cute cute cute!! I love it...I want some stuff. :)


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