The crowds have spoken...

A little color it is! Apparently I have been boring you guys for months now. Well, at least 65% of you. Maybe I will keep updating this every so often.

I found the cutest background page from my friend Mo's page who had an Izzie Grace Background. Check out all the backgrounds here. I think I might update this more often.

But, I did this background in honor of baby Finley and her bird themed room. See, I am such a good aunt already!


  1. i like the new background! kels

  2. Very cute! I voted to stay simple :) but I really like this! Maybe I will have to update my page...

  3. I love it! I need to update my page also.

  4. Thanks, Katie!!! I just picked the cutest background for our home website from your link. Love your background too!!!


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