Baby Shower Gift

You guys know I love to make a gift basket. So, of course, I had to make one for Allison's baby shower. Disclaimer - my camera is still with the Geek Squad so my pictures are even more terrible than usual but you get the gist!

Oddly, Allison's "must have" gift was her frog baby bath supply holder. However, it makes a super cute base for the "basket."

I got her lots of swag off her registry...including this boon squirt spoon (orange thing below) where when you are going out to dinner you just put the baby food in the spoon and dispense it from the spoon, instead of having to bring the jars and spoons. Very innovative, imo.

Baby also had to get the cute little tutu, ballet slippers and other goodies. The JJ Cole pacifier pod and bib Allison picked out was super cute too. Oh, and is that bird shirt from target not adorable? Um, yes. She had to have it!

And, here is the finished product...with a slight green tinge to the coloring of the photo. But, there is only so much I can do with a cell phone camera.

Hopefully my camera will be back in commission soon. We have Allison's other baby shower coming up and I have my wine and cheese party next week and I have gotten a couple of cute things I want to show you guys!


  1. Does precious baby Craig have a middle name chosen for her yet??? I am trying to decide between a 3-letter initial monogram for an item, or putting "Finley" across it. Or...I might be considering multiple items with both things - you never can tell about a monogram-crazy lady!! Just let me know as "time is ticking" for me to get my gifts in the mail! Thanks!!! Love the basket - we have the LadyBug bath toy scoop in our kids bath btw - great stuff. Love the boon items - they rock. love, Jennifer

  2. This is adorable Katie! What a cute idea!

  3. That is the CUTEST idea I've seen in a while. How creative. I might have to "borrow" that one!

  4. Ahh your gift baskets are absolutely the best!! Love it ALL, and of course the presentation is top notch! :)


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