Shower Part 1

Today was the much blogged about baby shower for my sister! It turned out so cute and I think everyone had a nice time. Minus the fact that I woke up Friday morning at 2:30 a.m. and realized that there is construction blocking the entrance to Kristen's neighborhood. Instead of processing this and sending an email in the morning I had to get up RIGHT THEN and send an email with alternative directions. That would have been great....however, I got my easts and wests confused and I think a few guests got lost. UGH. Everyone made it in the end. I am already directionally challenged. My sleepy state did nothing to help this. Sorry to those of you guys that read this and got lost. I am still feeling awful. However, I must move on. So, I am now officially moving on.

Anyway, Allison got so many cute things! Our friend, Andrea, had sent me a sneak peek yesterday of the most adorable monogrammed items she got her from the store From My Hive to Yours.

More soon. I have to get pictures from my sister. My camera is back in the shop!


  1. It was the world's best shower! You rival Martha Stewart! Little girl has the world's best aunts! I had a great time!! love you!!


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