Target Always Surprises

I totally cracked up when I saw this book in Target this week:

Even funnier is that Tommy was with me. He totally gets it now.

Um, how did I not know this? Season 3 of Dexter is out. It is a little graphic (well kind of a lot graphic) but I am huge wuss and still love it. Plot: serial killer who only kills pedophiles, murders and people who get away with crimes. Sounds bad. But it is really so good.

So, my evenings and weekends are about to be full catching up with Dex. I think I read he has a baby this season! Oh, on a pop culture note, Dexter is married in real life to his sister on the show. Even though I know they are not related it still kind of icks me out. Not enough to keep me from watching, though.


  1. We just started watching the 3rd season as well. I'm lovin' it!

  2. First off, I LOVE THE NEW LOOK - it looks great! I can't wait to read the book, WE had to get a house keeper after a year of marriage or I was going to trade in my husband........... LOL Some sacrifices had to be made, but have had one for 9 years now!

  3. I LOVE Dexter!! Can't wait to watch the 3rd season. I agree with the sister thing. I know they're not related in real life, but it kind of grosses me out.

  4. Eh...that is a little icky. I agree. You are like the 10th person who's told me I need to watch this I guess I better start. And that book is hilarious...though I think I could write one titled, "If it weren't for my husband, I wouldn't need a housekeeper."

  5. So are you reading the book? If so, I can't wait for the review! You know I'm now a Jen Lancaster groupie b/c of you!!! I love her series and haven't caved to by Pretty in plaid yet, but am waiting for my upcoming FlA road trip to splurge on it. Ha! So, those authors sound hilarious and i may have to read their books too....after Addison was born I insisted on a housekeeper. My husband is a great dad and a great hubbie, but does not help around the house - I threatened to make him help out with housework after the second child came and he caved in a heartbeat!!! She comes once a week on Fridays and I swear it is the best treat EVER!!! I think I can come up with a million ways to economize before giving her up. love, Jennifer


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