Donut anyone?

Have you ever seen a cuter donut? Somehow I am on Day 2 of donut eating. Odd, considering I have probably not had a donut in 2 years. But, whatev.

I went to my dentist this morning only to be greeted with this delicacy! (Yes, that is a donut!)

Just so you dental hygeniest is my mom. So, my dentist is not promoting tooth decay or cavities.

My mom's coworker is a huge Golden Retriever lover. How appropriate is this one?

I have to say they are as good as they are cute. You can find all these darlings at the OK Country Donut Shoppe at 81st and Yale! Yummy. Oh, while looking for the name I found this blog post, so you can read here for more!


  1. I am home, so happy to have my baby back. She was so happy to see her mama too. She's up on the cushy bed, hopefully wondering what was I thinking running off to sleep on the cement. :) I love this donut shop, I can't wait to try it, but it WOULD have to be M-F cause Heberts has my heart on Sundays!

  2. We are visitng Amanda in Oregon for Labor Day weekend. There is a donut shop in Portland that is often on the food network. It's called Voodoo Donuts! The flavors sound so delicious ~ check it out! Take care!

  3. I am so loving these donuts!!! What a fun, fun post!!! TFS!!!


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