One of the Best Days of 2009

Today is right up there with one of the best days this year. Why you might ask?

Let's play 20 questions:

Did I win the lottery? No.
Did I get a new car? No
Did my sister have her baby? No
Did I get a new house? No
Did I get a raise? No

Okay, this is game is getting old.

Is it sad that today might be one of my Top 10 days of 2009 because we had a housekeeper come for the first time today and my house is absolutely amazingly clean?

Seriously, I could eat off the floor of my bathtub clean.

So clean I don't even want to pet my dogs for fear that their hair will ruin my day. (Don't worry, I am not the worst mom ever...I have pet them. Very gingerly. But I have pet them.)

So clean I don't think I can cook anything. You know, I would hate to get the kitchen dirty.

Heaven. That is my day today. Heaven. 8/10/2009 - down in the history books - great day.

Now, off to Zumba, as I would hate to mess anything up here.


The happiest girl alive. (See Tommy, I don't need diamonds or pearls. Just a clean house. Now that was easy.)


  1. Is she as good as Guadelupe once was? I want this lady! Maybe she will do my house before baby...get it really clean. Im so jealous!

  2. Isn't it the greatest little thing? Last year after Addison was born, I finally caved and just "gave up" on keeping up with the cleaning - put the pressure on Dwayne and we got a housekeeper! Love it love it love it! She comes on Friday mornings and so the house is amazingly clean for the weekends! Unfortunately with our crazy household it doesn't stay that way long (!!!), but for a brief moment in time, I can come in and enjoy a sparkling clean house that smells great! Enjoy - it's worth every penny!!! love, Jennifer

  3. yay katie! love the post kels

  4. I am so jealous!! That's exciting...I really, REALLY need to find one, too!!


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