Wine & Cheese Pics

The bad news: my camera was still in the shop when I had my little wine & cheese party. The good news: it is now at Best Buy waiting for me to pick it up. So, now my pictures will be a little less, well, crappy.

Before the party I found some ironic wine tags at the Snow Goose in Utica Square. I had to have them. I think they are a fun ice breaker for people who might not know each other. At least you can ask what their wine tag says about them.

We had meats, cheeses, fruit, bruschetta, breads and chocolates. (If you have never been to my house, I can assure you my dining room is not purple. It is more of a red color. You can see it here. Just goes to show how awful the pictures are that my cell phone takes!)

I made my sister-in-law's brie. It is super easy to make. Just get a brie cheese wheel, place it on a crescent roll sheet laid out, cover with jam (in this case I used a white zinfandel jelly), wrap the crescent roll around and bake on 350 for about 20 minutes or until golden brown. My sister-in-law also adds pecans to hers and serves with apples and crackers. Apples just weren't going to happen that night but I know it would be delicious!

Memories from my wedding planning days came rushing back to me when I was thinking about how to let people know what each cheese was. Brides would create the cutest place card holders made from wine corks. And it is a wine and cheese party.

I cannot for the life of me remember which entertaining blog I saw this idea on but I thought it was so cute! Just take some daisies, cut the stem off, insert a toothpick and there you have it - simple and unique toothpicks! To incorporate the theme, I used the daisies tucked into my platters.

I held all the toothpicks in this little container. Once full, it looked like a little flower arrangement.

This weekend is Allison's shower! I am so excited to show you what I have been working on! I will also have better quality pictures since I will finally have my camera back. Here's to hoping my cell phone bill is not atrocious since I have been emailing myself pictures for the past two weeks. That should be included in my unlimited internet/text messaging plan, right? We can only hope.


  1. Those wine tags are awesome! And everything looks really are hostess with the mostess. :) And love the toothpick idea!

  2. Wow, you are truly the hostess with the mostess, I am so impressed!

  3. Katie,
    What a great party planner you are!! I can't wait to be there for Allison's shower. You are the greatest!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  4. All that food looks so yummy - wish I could have made it!! Love-Ann


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