Won my first award ever!

I have never won anything in my life. Nothing. Oh, wait, I lied. I have never won anything in my life that I would actually want. Things won:

1- Round of Golf in a United Way contest. Gave it back to be re-raffled, much to Tommy's chagrin.
2- Dinner for two at Jamil's. I am sure that would be lovely, if I ate meat.

But, today I was awarded the Most Awesome Blogstress award by Angie at Step-fabulous! Yay me!

So, as part of my acceptance speech, I am to tell you 7 things that make me Awesome. This should be easy, right?

1- My awesome computer abilities. I can google better than anyone I know. Unfortunately, this is not a marketable skill but it does bring my 8 blog followers (hi, Kelsey!) some new finds.

2- I am an awesome pup mom to Pudge and Carter. You will hear no arguments from them. (And, that is not just because they cannot talk.)

3- I have awesome friends and family!

4- Oooh - I am world's most awesome aunt! Boo ya, Tori! And, I can totally say whatever I want about that because my she has never read my blog, I am pretty sure. So, I will also award myself with World's Most Awesome Sister/Sister-in-Law. Both are easy considering I only have one sister and I am Kristen's (Max's mom) only s-i-l.

5- I am an awesome planner. Vacays, partys, play dates, my future - I am on it. Just don't make me deal with logistics of getting everyone else there. That I don't like.

6 - Okay, this is getting hard now. Oh, I am an awesome speller. I should be in one of those new adult spelling bees. Only I have to write it out. I cannot do it in my head. (That is kind of a lie -- I have a hard time spelling embarrassed and guarantee -- um, yeah, thank God for spell check on those. Just had to correct.)

7 - I have an awesome memory for all things that happened in high school. Now, that is a talent!

Since I cannot keep all this awesomeness to myself, I am going to bestow Queen of Awesome on my friend, Aja, from It's a Strange and Lovely Ride. Totally fitting because:
1- She is awesome.
2- Her blog is hilarious.
3-Randomly Angie knows Aja! Small, weird world.


  1. You are an awesome sister and advice giver... I also agree with all of your other Awesome characteristics... duh you and #1 world's greatest aunt! Baby already loves her aunt!!!

  2. Congratulations!!! I have always known that you are awesome!!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  3. LOL - You are amazingly awesome and I so hope you can do lunch tomorrow!~

  4. Wow, it's me!! Thanks Katie, you are AWESOME :)

  5. Love the list...too funny! I am always impressed at your Googling skills!! And your event planning is DEF awesome!:)


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