More nursery decor

Allison so far has this bedding for the baby's room for Pottery Barn Kids:

Are these sheets not adorable?

How cute would these wall decals be? From etsy, of course.

I also saw this for a mobile on Rate My Space and thought it was super clever to use a real limb for the birds!

I will keep you posted of what her final nursery looks like. I think it will be adorable!!!


  1. I love the last picture! That's the bedding for Ramsey's room. I love that idea for a mobile....maybe I'll get my creative juices flowing and come up with something that cute.

  2. sister! So funny today I made my nursery decisions based on your fabulous finds yesterday. Even Kyle loves that decal! I had an email all typed out to you with my color themes and nursery pics but then again work started calling. You get to help me pick paint next week! Love you!!

  3. The nursery will be so adorable ... I absolutely love, love, love the bird theme.
    Love, Aunt Angie

  4. You are totally helping me decorate my nursery if and when I ever have a baby! Mark it down now sister!

  5. Does this perfect adorable baby girl have a name selected yet? You know this "monogram queen" cannot possibly send a personalized gift if I do not have a name, or at least some initials to work off of!! If you are waiting to reveal the name, that is totally cool (since Dwayne and I always seem to do that, not by choice but since we never seem to decide until the last minute!) Hope you guys are well - I am afraid we cannot make the shower (cooper's 5th birthday bash is that same day) but we will make a trip to meet the little angel when she arrives - I PROMISE!!! but I want to send my gift so it arrives for the party. So, let me know if there is a name selected, so I can be buying my items!!! Thanks & love you guys! miss you! love, Jennifer (ps - love the nursery! can't wait to see it in person!!!)

  6. Just beautiful nursery decoration!! Bedding sheets, wall decal and furnitures all things are best for baby room decor!!


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