Wine & Cheese Party

I have been throwing around an idea in my head to have a girl's night at my house. When I was in Germany my most favorite thing about the food was all of the fresh meats and cheese, fruit and breads. Loved it, loved it, loved it. Well, minus the meat part. But, whatev.

So, I want to have a little get together and serve all the good stuff we ate there. Granted, that is what we had for breakfast. But, it translates well to American dinners/appetizers.

Here is the spread we had every morning for breakfast. (That is my mother-in-law, sister-in-law Tori and brother-in-law Eric -- they are having a baby in December. We just had found out the night before this pic was taken that they were pregnant. I also threw up that morning -- no, I was not pregnant. I have no idea why. I was a little freaked that I was going to be allergic to Germany. I made a quick recovery. Anyway, back to the subject at hand, the food was amazing.)

So, in my Americanized version of my Wine and Cheese party, here is what I would serve:

Brushetta (recipe here) - This is one of the only things I make well and it is so easy. I always get compliments and I just love it. Only thing is, I don't go to the trouble (imagine that) of broiling the baguettes. I buy Melba Snacks and they are so easy and soak up the tomato juice perfectly.

Meats - I would need help here.

Breads - To recreate the freshness of the breads I would pick up a few from Farrell Family:

  • Organic Foccacia - A traditional Italian loaf from the Tuscany region. Crisp crust and light, airy crumb (interior).
  • Organic Tuscan - Our foccacia is made less flat than the traditional, to give added moisture and last longer. All of our foccacia's use roasted garlic, a little extra virgin olive oil and organic whole milk. Variations include Bulgarian sheeps' milk feta cheese, Greek kalamata olives, or green onions.
  • Croissants
  • Asiago Cheese Bread

Cheese -
  • Cabot Extra Sharp White Chedddar. I do realize this is totally American (but this is my Americanized version of a party), but you guys...have you ever had it? If not, it is sooooo cheap ($2.50) and it is sold at Walmart's Neighborhood Market. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I love it! I buy it and cut slices off everyday as my "after work snack."
  • Brie - obvious choice
  • Asiago
  • Regular Sharp - again, totally american but I totally love it
  • Swiss
  • And I am sure some other deliciousness that looked great at the store

Wine -

  • German Riesling - a definite. However, the strangest thing is that I could not find one while I was in Germany. No lie.
  • Reds? I would need help here. I have no clue, as I am not a big red wine drinker.

And, how would a wine party be complete without knowing whose glass you are drinking from? Well, it wouldn't so we would definitely have to have these Preppy Wine Glass Markers from This Wine is Mine.

I will be hosting this party as soon as I get a housekeeper. No, I still do not have one. I get motivated to look for one everytime I clean the house by myself, which always happens on a weekend. But, this week will be my week. Right? Crossing fingers.


  1. when do i need to mark my calendar!!?? kelsey

  2. I so wanna come - what a fun fun fun girls night. I might have to do that at one of my Sunday night girls get togethers!!! I love the This Wine is Mine - delightful! You should try a wine called Barefoot. It's amazing with fruits!!! I had it in Florida and need to pick up a bottle here!

  3. Great idea Katie! My friends and I used to do wine & cheese get togethers back when I was living in Houston (note: BEFORE kids, when I think we were semi-cool and had semi-social lives....but I digress). Anyway, my suggestions on wines - for reds, a nice Cabernet Savignon is a good middle of the road red to offer, since it is a medium dry and not as "heavy" as a merlot. There are many good cabs in a variety of price ranges, but some of our favorite labels are Bogle and Yellow Tail (there are some others but I can't remember them right now - sorry!). I am a big Chardonnay fan, and if you like that my current favorite labels are Sterling, Yellow Tail, Chateau St. Jean, and (you'll love this one!) Cupcake! Shiraz is another red that is good for middle-of-the-road red wine drinkers. The Australian labels have some good Shiraz. Hope this helps and have a great party! Also, here's an EASY appetizer recipe my friend gave me: Take some small bread rounds cut from a thin French baguette and spread with a layer of soft Goat cheese (she used goat cheese purchased at Walmart!). Then top with store-bought Pesto Sauce (she used Costco's Kirkland's brand). Bake at 350 degrees for about 7 minutes or until toasty/warm through. Instant appetizer - Pesto Rounds! So yummy and totally easy! She also told me that usually the bakery will slice the baguette into small slices for you - wow! Have a fabulous party you "hostess with mostess!!! love, Jennifer DeFatta

  4. Jennifer! That sounds awesome!! I will definitely try that at my next get together!!!

  5. I would love a wine and cheese fun! I've been tossing the idea around myself, I promised my new dining room table I would utilize her as much as possible ;-)


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