The Queen of Mean

Love her or hate her (and I really don't know where I fall), I have to give Martha Stewart credit -- she is consistent. She is consistently aloof and distant when she is on the Today Show, she consistently makes her guests on her show feel incompetent, but she is always good at the project at hand. Honestly, I would rather hang out with someone like Martha who I know will always be in a bad mood. I can't deal with mood swings. Ugh.

Anyway, I was introduced to the Michael's Arts and Crafts' Martha Stewart Collection by my dear friend Iris. When she had her tea party she wrapped her favors in Martha Stewart (MS) products from Michael's. I now cannot go into the store without spending 20 minutes on the MS aisle just looking and touching the products (really these are products you just have to touch.) Her packaging is beautiful and her taste is impeccable. She seriously knows what she is doing.

Here are some of my favorite things offered by MS:
Super cute ribbon rolls. Since I used to do wedding flowers, I have a weird thing for ribbon. I love it! This is also my favorite color combination at the moment.

This cannot be any cuter below. It is tape! So fun! I have no idea what I would use it for, but it is so cute and I need it.
These are cute transfers. You can rub them onto paper or you can do a fun plant and rub this on the container. So many options!

I love these. You put them on the back of photos to remind you of the occasion. They are cute and informative. (At least that is what I will tell my husband.)

These are bag tags. On the reverse they are solid color for your message. These would be cute over of a bottle of wine for a hostess gift. I need these too...


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