A new arrival

This weekend Tommy and I are taking on the task of babysitting. I could not be more excited, neither could Carter or Pudge (especially Pudge). We will be taking in Baby Kit. She is the new arrival of our friend Teresa, and we are lucky enough that she is taking a trip and leaving her three pound bundle of joy in our care. We have a big weekend planned for her. First, there will be tons of sniffs by Pudge, which Kit will hate. Then, we are going to take her with us to the Art of BBQ. She is going to get sooo much attention. How could she not the apple of every one's eye! Saturday, Kit will spend her morning cuddling. We may give her special time with Carter, as he is not quite the bullet train that Pudge is (Pudge is literally 32 times her size...we introduced them and I think she was a little overwhelmed--to say the least). Then there will be more time spent cuddling until Teresa gets home. I can't wait until Friday! More pics to come!!!


  1. I am so jealous! You are going to have such a good time. Kit is adorable!


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