Busy Weekend

Well, Kit has gone back to her mama now, but she had a very busy weekend. She loved playing with Pudge (Carter just wasn't that into her) and she went everywhere with us. Tommy and I totally fell in love with her! I asked T if we could keep her, but she wanted her back. Boo!!!

The weekend started with a trip up to the Art of BBQ:
Jeff loved her and rocked her like a baby. He totally needs a Kit.

Kelsey really was smitten. She had the special touch and could put Kit to sleep in 2 seconds flat! Kelsey needs to talk Jeff into getting her a Kit.

Jackie loved Kit (aka Buster) too!
Thirsty Kit!
Random little girl loved Kit.

Kaitlin and Kathy from Drop on Buy also loved Kit!
Pudge could not get enough of Kit.

Carter had NO interest in her whatsoever. He is such a mama's baby!!
Kit got a bath. She is even tinier with her hair not fluffy! I don't think she was crazy about it, though.
Much better....
Next we went to Susie's. Look how tiny!
Molly loved her too!
Wow, what a weekend. Kit is pooped!


  1. i love kit!!!!!!!! i want her!!!!

  2. looks like aunt katie took extra good care of lil kit:) Love all the pictures:) love your blog:)


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