I need a drink...or a cupcake ; )

I am very excited to start working with a new client, Hope. She has an awesome established business http://www.cardswithhope.com/ and is wanting to update her brand a little. I am really looking forward to getting started because she has great taste and has been fun to work with!

Not only is Hope creative, she can clearly bake too! She sent me pictures of her project today -- Margarita Cupcakes. Are these not absolutely adorable? She will so be the star of her party tonight!!

Seriously, too cute! Hope adapted her recipe from Rachael Ray, but I couldn't find it online : ). So, I give you this one from Wilton! Do those not sound delicious?


  1. Thanks, Katie for posting this! The cupcakes were a hit.... I love that recipe you attached, too. I think the cupcake idea was sent in by a reader of Rachel Ray. I was at the candy store in the mall today (for another project I am working on) and they have lime wedges that real! FYI if you want to decorate a cupcake like this, I'd use those lime candies from the Candy Castle!

  2. such a cute idea... so sad I will be out of town when you are having the party with all your friends you are helping out! sad! Hope you have another one soon though!


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