My M&Ms

Awhile back at work I bought some custom M&M's for an event and receive emails time to time for new products. Anyway, over the past couple of weeks I have received several emails about new products that M&M has come out with. I love customization and personalization, so these definitely fit the bill there, but now they offer more than just printing a name or date on a piece of candy. You can really take a gift/party favor to the next level!

M&M's just released a line of sports related M&Ms. They are in your favorite team's colors and include the logo too! My husband is a huge Rangers fan. I am thinking these might work for a fun gift!
Now, these are just super fun. You can upload a photo of someone to be printed on M&Ms. How cute would that be for a baby's first birthday or an over the hill party?
You can also create custom packaging. We did this at work and they are really cute. Also, I eat wayyyy to many M&Ms because I swear we ordered 1,000 bags. But, they seem to keep well : ).
These are awesome for any business person for a client gift. You can now have M&Ms printed with your logo on them.
And, if you are a dark chocolate fan Dove also offers personalized messages in their wrappers!


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