Tea Party

I have been lucky enough to meet a good friend of mine through my husband. She is absolutely gorgeous and has amazing taste! I swear we are long lost sisters, because we will strangely see each other and have bought the exact same thing! We have honestly bought the same jeans, shoes, bedding and several accessories for our home unbeknownst to the other.

Everytime I go to her house there is always something new and fun that she has done to make her home even more fabulous than it already is. I will have to post some of her wedding pictures someday. It was gorgeous! Anyway, she recently had a "tea party" for her occupational therapy school graduation and she did an absolutely beautiful job. She hosted the party at her home and just used decor she already had and I helped her shop for fresh flowers from Sam's but she is so talented and did all of the arranging herself.

Her table setup was stunning, but definitely doable by anyone!

She had a party favor for everyone who attended. The bags are from Martha Stewart that are sold at Michael's and then she filled them with tea bags, sugars, and other tea brewing items.

She also used the flowers that are arranged in iced tea glasses throughout her living room to brighten up her space and set the feeling for the day!

I love you Iris! You are fabulous!


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