This weekend I had the honor of being asked to be the godmother to Preston Scott. Preston's mom, Julie, and I have been friends since high school. As a freshman, I knew no one at school because I had just moved to Tulsa from Shreveport. As though this was not tramautic enough, I had to find someone to sit with in the lunchroom. (Honestly, I still cringe when I watch movies like Mean Girls and the poor kid is trying to find a friend to sit with. Being in high school can be rough!) But, I remember seeing Julie sitting at a table in the lunchroom (I can even still remember the table) and I asked if I could sit with her and she said yes. I must have kept coming back to the same safe table day after day because 14 years later, we are still very good friends.

It was a huge honor to be asked to support little Preston in his faith and know that Julie thinks enough of me and my faith to ask me to be a part of this important moment in their life.

Check out the shoes!
Big Sister Caroline. She is absolutely adorable!

He is so cute! He is such a mix of Julie and Doug. His baptismal gown is the same one Julie and all of her family have been baptized in for the past 35 years. WOW!
Julie's house was really cute. The basket of flowers was the same vase Julie's mom had on her table when Julie was baptized.
Aren't they a beautiful family??
Thanks for letting me be a part of your special day! Love you guys!


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