Living Oprah

In the news/on tv I am used to seeing documentaries about someone who decided to eat McDonalds for 30 days to see what happens to his body, the man who wanted to live the bible literally for a year, and two socialites (Paris and Nicole) who broke away from their lavish lifestyles to live more "humbly" for a couple of weeks.
So, today, when I received my daily "Oprah" Alert, I had to laugh when I saw an interview with a woman who is going to live her life for one year based on Oprah's recommendations. She wants to see if she will truly "live her best life." Add this to your favorites because it is very entertaining. I caught myself laughing out loud!
As an aside, Project Runway has started up again! I think it is going to be a great season! So far, I like Leanne and Jennifer. We'll see.
Even though the Bachelor is over, I still get good laughs from Lincee Ray's site: Be sure to read the post on the Where are They Now? I literally LOLed. Good stuff.


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