So Proud...

For the past 6 months or so, I have been helping Kathy of Drop on Buy Jewelry get her small business started and all the hard work she has put into it has finally paid off! Kathy held a debut party at her house on Wednesday evening, invited all of her friends and had a huge successful business kickoff.

It is like a mother bird watching her baby take flight. I am just so happy for her! She is so talented and passionate about her business that it is inspiring to be around her! Also, I can only imagine how exciting it must be to have someone buy something that you made, put your time into and impulse purchased because they loved it so much. Kathy was so successful at her Wednesday night party that she had to bead her little fingers off for her first booth ever at the Art of BBQ.

Her booth set up was really cute and she did really well! She had to set up in the heat (I know how hot it was too, I had to be there to set up for a party and I about died!!!) and stay out there from 3-11 and she still looked fabulous at 10 PM when I left. Some people are just lucky like that. Her sweet daughter, Kaitlin, was there to help her all evening. And, what a great lesson to teach your child about having a passion and making money doing what you love. Below are some pictures of her booth. Please excuse my poor picture taking skills. Unfortunately, photography is not one of my talents.

I am sure you guys will be seeing lots more of Kathy around! I am so very proud to have helped her turn her passion into a business.


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