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As I mentioned in a previous posting, I volunteer with Habitat for Humanity's on their Marketing Committee. It is fun to brainstorm ideas and work on their Tulsa marketing campaign. Habitat recently got their marketing budget approved, so I have finally gotten to move forward on some projects that I had started working on awhile ago.

First, Mike Lemery, at Tulsa Transit advertising has been extremely generous and has offered Habitat placement in 65 of their buses to advertise. (Imagine being on the subway in NYC and the ads along the top of the train car!) One of the wonderful things is that this will not only will raise Habitat awareness, but it will be targetted specifically to potential homeowners. Habitat is in need of applicants into the program and many of their current homeowners ride the city bus, so direct target marketing will be a huge benefit to them. The second cool thing is that the phone # will be right in front of them, so people who see the ad and are sitting on the bus riding can call immediately from their cell phone! Habitat will also be advertising on bus benches around town. This will be great to put Habitat's name and logo out there, but will also grab a potential applicants' eye with the "0% Interest Home Loan" tagline.

Also, Liberty Press, is helping us print posters to place in local businesses to further advertise to homeowners. We will also have pull off notecards in the "black and white" space so that those interested can take the information quickly and call or go online at their convenience.
I will have more items coming soon! I love this stuff!


  1. You did such an awesome job with these posters, Katie! You are such a talent!


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