Weekend Away

This weekend Tommy and I went to Chicago to celebrate my friend Mindy’s recent wedding.  She got married in the Turks and Caicos and I so wish I could have been there in person.  I hope she doesn’t mind, but here is a link to her photographer’s blog with some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen.  Click here to view.

This past weekend she had an amazing party in Chicago for the guests who couldn’t (and those who could!) to the islands.

And….guess who didn’t take a single picture at said reception? Ahem. Me.

Tommy and I got in Friday around one and went to our hotel, had lunch and then went shopping.  I was having so much fun in Macy’s because it was all decorated for Christmas and the music was playing.  I clearly don’t get out much.

I also had to have an afternoon snack:

chicago iphone 111911 012

When Kelsey and I went to Chicago last fall this cupcake shop (Sugar Bliss) was my favorite.  This time I had the pumpkin and peach cobbler cupcake.  Sadly, they weren’t as good as I remembered them.

Saturday morning we went to eat at Hannah’s Bretzels. I am a HUGE pretzel fan and the funniest thing is I always call them Bretzel’s since my husband is very German.  So this was a must do for me.

chicago iphone 111911 017

Then we went shopping on Michigan Avenue.  The gardens were amazing.  They were so pretty!  We shopped around a bit, but it was sooooo crowded.  However, the Christmas season was in the air, so I loved every second of it!

chicago iphone 111911 019

chicago iphone 111911 018

chicago iphone 111911 021

chicago iphone 111911 020

One of the funnest things we did on Saturday was visit the specialty grocery store, Fox & Obel. Loved it. I could have walked around it all day. I told Tommy if I lived in Chicago I would want to work there. :)

A pic from their site is below. Kind of like a Dean & DeLuca if you have ever been to one.

That afternoon we went to Frontera Grill, again where Kelsey and I ate last year. It was good, but not nearly as good as I remember.  I did, however, have a Rick Bayless siting for those of you who are Top Chef Fans.

We ended the day with a trip to Crumbs.  OMG. You guys – these were awesome!  They were HUGE cupcakes and worth the $3.75 price tag.  Tommy got the Grasshopper, which is a chocolate cake with a peppermint and cookie icing.  I got the pumpkin – imagine that.

chicago iphone 111911 022

chicago iphone 111911 023

I would give these a highly recommend.  The store was cute, too.

That evening we went to Mindy’s reception, which was at Hotel Sax and was a blast.  She had tons of dancing and it was so fun to see her in her dress!!!

Today we had breakfast with Mindy’s out of town guests and family, did a little shopping and flew home.  The only down note was that my credit card company called while we were shopping (again) and said my card number had been stolen and was being used fraudulently in the outskirts of Chicago. UGH.  Not a huge deal, just a huge hassle.  But I am sure bad karma for the thief is even worse. At least I am telling myself that.


  1. Ugh. Sorry about your card! :( Glad they caught it early. Sounds like a fab weekend in Chicago other than that! I LOVE Chicago. Love love love. I miss getting to go there as much as I used to for my previous job. :)

  2. Those cupcakes look amazing!! I have never been to Chicago but want to some day soon!

  3. So fun!! Glad you guys had a good time- I'm dying to get back to Chicago in the fall!

  4. Did you know Rick Bayless is from OK? Maybe everyone knows this, but I didn't!


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