It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

Love, love, love having my house decorated for Christmas.  Hate putting it up and taking it down.  Luckily, as I was silently cursing and coming to terms with the fact that this year we would not be putting up a tree, four angels came in and helped me decorate for Christmas. 

My mom, two aunts and a friend rang my doorbell on Friday morning when I was about a quarter of the way through putting up my décor and helped me transform my house.

Here are some pics.  I totally want to have people over all the time to make all of the decorating worth it!

Above my range:

My mantel:

Of course there would be Santa babushkas.  These used to be my moms and I am pretty sure this where my love of them began.

The nativity scene:

Holiday even greets you when you come in…which reminds me, I didn’t take a picture of my front door and the really cute doormat I have. Hmm. I guess that gives me something to blog about later in the week. I know the suspense must be killing you.

And a totally blurry picture of the tree. Sorry about that. Looked great on the tiny screen on my camera. Actually, changed my mind.  Shrunk it tiny so that it looks the same way for you guys.  It is really pretty, promise.

I think next year I am going to do a Starbucks tree. You think?  I kind of think I should get some endorsement fees for this, but I’d take some free gift cards as a trade.

Some other favorites:

My mom always had spode Christmas china, so when we got this dog ornament as a gift it was just perfect!

My dad used to love these toys. Or at the very least, he gave my sister and I one after a trip he took. We also used to get my dad Peeps every Easter. I think it was the Easter before he passed away he told us he hated them. Ha! So we may have just placed this toy in the same category as the Peeps - as a thing he “loved,” but it was really something he picked up in the airport on the way home. :) Either way, it is a good memory of him on my tree.

Love my baking ornaments! My mom and Aunt Angie gave me these.

These are Tommy’s favorites. We have a whole German section on our tree. 

This is new décor this year. My Aunt Pam was very sweet and got me all of this and set it up for me.  I love the way it looks!

The year before (or after) Tommy and I got married, my mom gifted me with my own Christmas china.  It looks so pretty in my china hutch.

My mom and Aunt Pam also gave me these trees and church to go above my media console.  It is so pretty when it is all lit up!

Can’t wait to see all of my fellow bloggers’ décor!  Since I clearly don’t have enough ;), let me know what I am missing!


  1. LOVE everything! We decorated yesterday and I totally forgot how much work it was! I think I was done about 5 minutes after I started, but I did finish! Ha!
    Where did you get that nativity scene? I LOVE it! Hadlea is loving ours this year too!
    And so great to see you at church! Hadlea said, "Where Katie", "Where Tommy go" all afternoon! I think next time we will just send her home with you! Ha! JK!

  2. Katie,
    Your home looks so beautiful ... I love everything that you have done. I wish that I had some elves to come in and help me decorate because I am not making much progress this year!! You did a great job!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  3. You need to take a picture of the outside as well! I love your decorating. It's made me excited to get started.
    xoxo, Iris

  4. Looks amazing! So fun! I love your China patter for x-mas!

  5. I love the decor above your range. It's all so pretty!

  6. Loving the decor, especially the mantel! I've always wanted a mantel to decorate! Our house has a little lip, not really a full mantel.. but good enough for me to try to put something on.. (even if it obviously looks too large for it). And digging the ornaments! I am putting up my FIRST tree this year.. er.. first tree on my own. In law school, I never really cared or had the time (or money). In my little apt, I had a baby tree, but it felt silly to put up a massive one. So, this year, we're doing a decent sized one. :)

  7., I opened my door and looked everywhere for you little elves ha ha! You all are planning a trip to Dallas to decorate my house right?! A gal can dream!! It looks amazing and I your tree! Hubs and I collect ornaments when we travel too!


  8. You're so on the ball! So pretty and festive! And I'm putting in my request for some "elves" to come help with my Christmas decor :)

  9. Yay! it looks SOO good! We collect ornaments when we travel (and remember) too! I think this just kicked my butt into gear! Time to get the christmas bins out of the garage!

  10. Great decorations and pics! Your Christmas china looks amazing- almost too good to use! Almost ;)
    My husband is slightly addicted to Starbucks and if I had this tree it would probably make him love me more. Ha!
    Great job on the decorations.

  11. I love it all. Your house looks amazing!


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