A Transformation

Yesterday my yard took on a transformation. It wasn’t one of those design show moments where you are just shocked at the results, but it was fun to drive off in the morning and have a completely new front yard awaiting my arrival when I got home.

I will admit that I am totally embarrassed to show you our yard’s before pictures.  It looked so lovely earlier in the year.  I am going to blame the demise of the beds on our brutal summer, not my lack of a green thumb.

So before:

Truth be told, this view doesn’t look terrible. I promise, you will see how much help we needed below.

The after:

Yeah, so I couldn’t take a picture from the same angle because the sun was behind the house both yesterday afternoon and today.  You will just have to use your imagination on the dramatic before and after scene.

Close up before:

See, I told you so.

Close up after:

Left flower bed before:

The dead tree was KILLING me softly.

Left flower bed after:

Right flower bed before:

Right flower bed after:

I am excited to see everything fill in. And beyond excited to not have a dead tree highlighting my house.


  1. Looks so good!

    Our flower beds are out of control! We spent a TON of money right before our house got hit by lightening and ruined everything. Because they were not hit directly, insurance wouldn't cover them. I am having a hard time spending the money again... but it needs it SO bad!

  2. Looks great!! Your house is SO cute!

  3. Loving it! I'm embarrassed about my flower beds! I just don't enjoy gardening at all! lol! Who did you use for yours?

  4. Looks great! Who did you end up going with?

  5. Gorgeous!! It's photos like this that make me even more excited to move out of the city and get a yard! :)

  6. Looks great! Love that evergreen in the flower bed.

  7. Looks fantastic! I would totally tell your neighbors that you did it yourself ;)

  8. It looks awesome! Your house is adorable! Those shutters are amazing.

  9. Nice! I love when little changes make a big difference like that! Your house is super cute!

  10. Oooh, it looks awesome! Something about yard work and getting out the dead things/replanting new ones just makes you so much happier every time you leave the house and come back home!! :) Your house is beautiful!

  11. Well done. It looks beautiful.

  12. I love those skinny evergreen trees. You did a great job!


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