Chicago Day 1

Luckily, Kelsey and I were only in Chicago for two and a half days, so if you have no interest in our little getaway, you can check back on Thursday : ). I will warn you now, the next three posts will make you hungry, very hungry. That or really sick by the amount of food consumed.

Our first stop off the plane was Gino's East for deep dish pizza. And when I say first stop, I do not lie. Literally, our first stop. Bags and all went for lunch at Gino's.

Now, I know there is a big debate as to whether Gino's or Giordano's is better. For the record, they are both equally fabulous. It's a draw.

As soon as we got there the writing was on the wall for a great trip. (I mean Tommy and Kelsey's name - weird!)

The pizza was fab. I mean look at it - how could it not be awesome? So awesome I ate two slices. (For the record, this is cheese pizza. I didn't add sausage for those of you who know I am not a huge fan.)

Next, as if the pizza wasn't enough, we had to check out our first pastry shop - Sarah's. (Mind you, we are still walking all over the city with our bags. We are that dedicated to sweets.) Now Sarah's is owned by Kelsey's friend Lauren's sorority sister. (Got that?) So basically we know the owner.
Kelsey got the black and white cupcake and I got raspberry and red velvet macarons. (Remember, you don't come here for the pictures.)

We did finally go put our bags down and walk around Michigan Avenue. Then, guess what? More food! Kelsey and I met Mindy, our great friend from high school at Sunda, Mindy's fabulous recommendation. Seriously this place was so awesome. And I love Mindy and only get to see her a couple of times a year, so it was so fun to catch up with her.
Kelsey and Mindy:

Mindy and Me:

We had so much fun visiting with Mindy and her boyfriend Dan. :) (Dan, I hope you can handle the fame and notoriety that comes along with being mentioned on this blog.)

We started with drinks. I had the Strawberry Delight (freshly muddled strawberries mixed with malibu coconut rum, kilo kai, mango juice,and then topped with soda). Mindy and Kelsey had the martini looking drinks called the Go Go Berry (fresh muddled strawberries, with absolut mango, st. germain, triple sec, and mango juice). I try to stay away from vodka.
For dinner we did asian food tapas style. This was rock shrimp tempura with glazed walnuts and creamy honey aioli. Think bang bang shrimp from Bonefish. Only awesomer.

Yeah, kind of forgot to take this picture until after we all dug in. This was crab cake crusted ahi tuna sashimi. In the Top 5 of the things I ate. (Also included was the pizza above.)
The other shared dish was loompay which were crispy pork and shrimp shanghai style egg rolls.

Not pictured is the sushi Kelsey and I shared.

Meet Dan and his teeny tiny beer glass.

Cheers, Kels!

Dan and Mindy shared dessert...of which Kelsey and I did sneak a bite. Don't worry...we eat more later. This is a fried ice cream with a carrot cake shell topped with walnuts. I think it was called something like the Ridiculous. And it was ridiculously awesome.

But Kelsey and I had to save room for our next dessert at Hot Chocolate. I went here last July with Mindy when Tommy and I went for a visit. I kid you not when I tell you they have the best warm beverage on the planet. Forget Starbucks. They have nothing on this place (and you know I love Starbucks.) And if anyone has a bigger sweet tooth than me, it is Kelsey. I knew she would be in heaven.
Here she is about to take her first sip of Hot Chocolate. She loved the decor.

For our real dessert we had Chocolate #1(64%) warm chocolate soufflé tart, salted caramel ice cream and housemade pretzels.
And the perfect cup of hot chocolate. You have never had anything like this in your life. Mainly because the base is heavy cream. I think they should rename it heavenly cream.
Are you in a food coma yet? Don't worry - there is a whole other day tomorrow!


  1. Fun!!

    You had me starving with all your food pics until that fantastic snapshot of Kelsey in front of random girl's buttocks... clearly you were somewhere VERY trendy.

    But did you face this painting all night? While you ate?.. While you ate that sashimi??? I'm sorry, but why is this not the main topic of your post?.. am I getting ahead of myself? Oh, oh, I see.. that's why I should come back on Thursday. Right?


    Totally jealous that you went to Chicago! :)

  2. Amazing!! I am going to re-read this tomorrow when I can truly appreciate (read: drool) over the amazing pics. Right now I am so full from seafood I am fairly certain I am going to wake up with pinchers as hands.

  3. Hi, Katie,
    I have never been to Chicago, but I surely would like to go and follow your same itinerary. It looks like you had a wonderful time. I can't wait to see the next two days.
    Love, Aunt Angie

  4. such a great time!!!!! can we go back tomorrow?!! love the post, recap, and pics!!!!! kels

  5. Oh my word, all that food looks amazing. LOVED fried ice cream!!!!

  6. OMG, I am in food heaven. I so wish I could have been there with you guys eating and visiting!! Agreed, totally jealous. I want to go on vacation with you ladies! Not only for the fabulous company, but for the exquisite choices of food tasting!!

  7. Love that you take food pics on vacation! I totally do that too! It's the best part of vacation!


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