Their Likeness

We kind of might like our dogs a little. We have had many works of art made in their likeness. All dog parents are like this, right? Since many of you are new, I thought I would take you down memory lane, if you will, of Pudge and Carter artwork over the past three years.

As you all know, my sister got us this amazing print of the boys for Christmas. If you all know Carter at all, he was VERY scared of this. Pudge notsomuch. Therefore, we only have pictures of Pudge checking out his newest print.

As you can see, spitting image.

Of course, a birthday party wouldn't be a birthday party without the dogs.

And, I am sure no one will ever forget the sculptures I had commissioned.
And their early demise at the paws of their likeness.


  1. I LOVE it!! We are just as crazy about our pets! So glad we aren't the only ones! We don't have a painting though...totally need one of those!

  2. Ha! I love it. We need to get some artwork of our dogs...

  3. The little sculptures are so cute. Or should I say were so cute. Hahahaha. I laughed out loud when I saw that last picture. It is just so typical of a dog to do something like that.

  4. HOW cute! love the artwork! nothing like doggie love :)

  5. At one time Uncle Ron considered doing art work of pets . . . sounds like it would be a good market!!
    Love, Aunt Angie


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