Updated to include the link to the 16 and Pregnant blog mentioned below. I cannot believe I left this out :).

So I have been bringing you all a lot of hits. I thought I would bring you a miss. I love me some creamer. Basically, give some creamer with a splash of coffee. I was really excited when I came across this Sugar & Spice Creamer at the store.

I had such high hopes that it would taste like the Sugar Cookie Blast from Sonic. Notsomuch. I can't really describe the taste for you other than - this.really.ruined.my.coffee.not.good.

Currently (not like right this very second, but since the new year - I figured this would be slightly more interesting than reading another resolution post)...

Eating: I have been to Old School Bagel for lunch yesterday and today. And both days have gotten these:

Yeah....didn't jump on the diet bandwagon this year. There is always 2012.

Drinking: As previously mentioned, 2011 is all about not denying myself. So I may or may not have been overdoing it on the coffee now that I have my new Keurig.

It is just so easy...


I hate to admit this, but I kind of am still watching MTV. If the Real World were on I would totally be watching it. Right now I am obsessed with 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. Is it normal to spend about an hour reading the blog of the teen mom who gave her baby up for adoption to her aunt and uncle? (And to those who say this show glamorizes teen pregnancy, they have clearly never watched the show.)

Tell me you people are also watching The Bachelor. The abs. That is all I have to say. (I am rooting for the girl whose husband died in the plane accident. She is super cute and sweet in a non-Tenley kind of way.)

Also, I am kind of into the Millionaire Matchmaker on Demand, Cupcake Wars, and pretty much watch every single show on HGTV.

Anxiously awaiting the return of Gossip Girl and Modern Family. I would say The Office, but this season is pretty lame.

Playing: Since I am kind of new to the iPhone, I have just now discovered Words with Friends. My best opponent is my mom. We are at about the same level. (The photo below was taken from google images....I am not MissBisciut.)


This year my goal is to comment more on my favorite blogs.
To make 4 homemade, not from a box, meals per month. So far not even close to meeting this goal, but I still have 27 days left.

And....that is pretty much it. I hate to not meet my goals :).


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  1. Take my advice and go ahead and get the second book in The Hunger Games trilogy. When you get to the end you will not be able to function until you start the second book. I called my mom multiple times crying. It is a GREAT book!

  2. Don't you just love "The help"?? So good huh! I read it in 3 days and you know me that says ALOT! I knew you would become obsessed with the Keurig once you got it. Once the holidays are over the donut shop coffee you had from my house is my fave! What is this 16 and prego blog you speak of? That episode had me crying... I am literally obsessed with the show as you are and i think it is really good for helping kids realize it is not always easy! I always want to go to MTV.com after the show to watch clips. I am also shocked mom plays words with friends-I should play you, I am pretty good :)

  3. Hi! Can't wait for Friday! I am currently reading The Help...isn't it good!? I was going to read Water for Elephants in prep for the movie coming out next, but I have been waiting to read Hunger Games...hmmm...my predicament!

  4. When I read this, it seriously felt like I could have been the author! : ) The creamer - terrible! The cookies - hands down my favorite! MTV - we've semi discussed my obession! Bachelor - TOTALLY going for the girl whose husband died in the plane crash (she is really the only one I liked)! I love your posts!!

  5. Thanks for the book recs. I've heard a lot of people talk about the Help, so I'm going to have to add it to my Paperback Swap list. I'm still working on my Sookie Stackhouses. And watching True Blood. But this month's O Mag had a few great recs, I've just added The Memory Palace to my list of must-reads, along with Annabel.

    Also love me some RW/RR and 16&P/Teen Mom. I want to bring Catelyn and Tyler to live with me.

    Mostly I think I'm going to be addicted to the new Oprah Network. Every show is so good, I can't help it!

    And, for the record, I'm WWF champ of my family. J and I are pretty well matched, and I have a friend that is really good but I think her pregnancy is draining her brains because I've been whomping on her! :) So addicting.

    I swear, if/when I have a business trip to Tulsa we're having a cocktail!

  6. The Help is one of my all time favorite books. I hope you are enjoying it!

  7. LOVED The Help! So great! Ben and I tuned into the Bachelor late... which one's husband died in a plane crash?!

  8. Let me just tell you how much I love me some Teen mom and 16 and pregnant! I love it and love your blog

  9. Loved The Help, love all cookies and you know how I feel about all things MTV and teenagers with babies related.

    Oh, and home cooking is clearly over rated.

  10. I'm totally addicted to WWF. My screen name is KaysieNicole if you ever wanna play! :) Also, you probably already know this, but if you want to take a picture of the screen on your phone (doesn't matter what app you're in) press the home screen button, and the button at the top of your phone at the same time and it'll snap a picture of your current screen and save it to your photo album!

  11. What a fun post. It will be so fun to look back at this and remember what you were up too.

  12. Okay so we have the coffee maker as well and my ALL TIME FAVORITE... (at the moment) is the Gloria Jean's Hazelnut combined with 1 and a half scoops of the Starbucks Mocha Powder (purchased at Starbucks) Then Half & Half... YUMMY!!

    I am embarrassed to say I went to two different Starbucks today to replenish my Mocha Powder... I think I might have a problem ;)

  13. I love that you said "cook 4 meals per week!" I think I should that one to my list!

  14. Love old school bagel! And I'm totally obsessed with Teen Mom & 16 & pregnant! Check out this blog I found that does hilarious re-caps of all the episodes (he does real housewives too!) http://www.imbringingbloggingback.com/

  15. I also got a Keurig and LOVE it!!! I use it several times a day. It was the best regift ever... (poppy won it at a work party and gave it to me :) I need to start reading again... thats going to be one of my new years resolutions (and I'm not talking about board books)!

  16. I am trying to be better about commenting too. I read everyone's blogs but rarely comment and I think this makes me a weirdo creeper so I want it to stop!


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