Need a weekend from my weekend

This weekend was crazy busy. Typically, I have to be interrupted from my couch relaxing just to move to the bed for a change of scenery. Only slightly kidding. Our social calendar was very full and project bedroom makeover is in full effect. The new king mattress has even been delivered. And a dog in my house may or may not have already tested this out as an "elevated pad."

Now that the bed and mattress have been purchased, the next step was to get the bedding. My mom, Marianne and I went shopping on Saturday and we found this bedding below for a steal. It was such a steal I am almost embarrassed to tell you the price. But I know everyone reading this loves a good bargain as much as me - $50, people! (I may now be a Maxxinista.) For an entire King set. Tommy liked it. Especially the price and I think it will work just fine.

Today I went to Megan's and she had two colors on her walls that she thought would work. Here is the pattern in her bedroom on Sherwin Williams' Comfort Gray.
And this is on Benjamin Moore's sage something. If anyone really wants to know, I wrote it down somewhere.

I am going to get samples for my room this week. I am excited to get some color on my beige walls.

Also found at TJ Maxx were these fabulous lamps. I LOVE the color and they happen to go perfectly. The shades are really girly with these adorable ruffles.

More to come! Let me know what you think!


  1. Wow!!! That is a steal on the bedding! Love it!

    I can't wait to see pics of the colors on your walls! I'm kind of loving the Comfort Gray!

  2. Love the comforter! It will be fun to relax/be lazy in your new room when it's finished!

  3. Oh man, I can't believe the awesome deal you got on that bedding! Looking good so far- I'm excited to see the final product!

  4. I can't way to see the end result. It looks beautiful, and I like the grey.

  5. You are the best shopper!!! I love everything that you have selected, and I know it will be beautiful. I think I'll go today to TJMaxx to see if I can find a deal like that!! You are also very lucky to have such a smart mom and MIL to assist you in your decorating!!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  6. Love the bedding and the lamp! What a great steal! Can't wait to see how it all comes together!

  7. I love it all! I think the grey is my favorite paint color. The lamps are gorgeous!

  8. Success!!!!! Aren't you glad you went to TJ Maxx???
    Now, for the paint color, I'm feeling the Comfort Grey.. the other color looks too beige, but it might just be the picture, and of course it could look totally different in your room. So excited to see everything come together!! You should have a paint party to get it done! Tommy can watch Evie and Finley! :)

  9. LOVE that bedding!!! Good find girl! We just got a new bedroom tv that has changed my world. I can't imagine a total overhaul! You're going to neeeeed a vacay to lay around and enjoy it!

  10. I like the comfort grey!!!
    I may be hiking over to your house tomorrow to take a look if you dont go to work due to the weather.
    ~ iris


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