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So I was pretty excited when my friend Mindy who recently got engaged (and was a bridesmaid in my wedding) called yesterday to tell me that they have decided to do a destination wedding. When Tommy and I got married almost five years ago, I planned the whole wedding right from my desktop. Never even visited the facility until a couple of days before the wedding. (For those who know how Type A I am this may surprise you.)

So Mindy's upcoming nuptials got me to thinking about how amazing our wedding day was. Love, love, loved it. And since most of you never saw our wedding photos, I thought I would share a few. (All images are from Chris Humphrey.)

And because blogger adds your images backward, you will have to kind of see these in reverse.

We got married in Santa Rosa Beach, FL.

In June 2006.
I got this photo in black and white for our house....which actually come to think about it, is in a guest (read - empty) bedroom on the floor. Hmmm....

This picture is Tommy's favorite picture of him. Like ever. He thinks it could go on a baseball card. (Not at all because it is from our wedding.)

My mom, sister and brother-in-law.

The one on the far right is my friend getting married in the Carribean. And this is where I need your help. Any ideas of locations? She is thinking Carribean, but has no idea where. I would love to help her! So if you have ever been to a wedding there or know of someone who has, give me your ideas!

Here are some of the details.

I was a knot junkie.
This is one of my favorite details of the day. I had a picture of my dad put onto a dog tag inscribed with "With me Always." My mom and sister got one for their bouquet, too.

Okay, so if you guys have any destination ideas for Mindy, let me know. I know she will love it.
And totally NOT wedding related. I started the Hunger Games. Um, you guys, that book was weird. I couldn't get past chapter 1 and took it back to the library. Is there something wrong with me???

And just to prove how lucky I am, here is what Tommy typed on my computer as I went to get ready for bed:

i have the world's best husband



  1. Beautiful Pictures. I love it all. The colors and the details are beautiful. I lived in the Caribbean for 2 years. We lived on the island of Saba which I would not recommend. St. Maarten has beautiful beaches, but has lots of tourists. I recommend St. Barths.

  2. aw your wedding was beautiful! Love all the details! And you look gorgous as always! :)

  3. I loved looking at your wedding pictures again as it brought back happy memories of how very beautiful and perfectly planned your wedding was!! I love all the pictures of you and Tommy, but the last one is my favorite - you are stunningly beauitful and Tommy is very handsome!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  4. Your wedding was so great - definitely in my top 10 weddings EVER attended. Dwayne & I loved all the details (ok...well I did - he probably didn't really notice), and Cooper had a blast dancing with you and the bridesmaids on the dancefloor. Also, the classic "dinner roll" incident involving Uncle David and Cooper is still talked about to this day! It was a lovely day, and you did look gorgeous (and Tommy looked quite handsome), and your mom, sis, and bro-in-law looked great too. So much fun, and such great memories for us. Glad we were able to spend the time with ya'll on your special day! love,Jennifer

  5. Okay, 1) Your wedding looks like it was beautiful. I loved what you did with the chairs along the aisle. I may be borrowing that idea for mine in August! ;) 2) The only place I've been to in the Carribean was St. Thomas and I LOVED it! 3) I've been hearing a lot about The Hunger Games books on Twitter lately. 4) That note from your hubby cracked me up!

  6. Oh my word, are you ready for me to lose any possible cool points I had with you? I once stalked your wedding pictures. Well maybe stalk is a harsh words but I've looked at them several times. It was around the time that I was obsessed with getting married and my stupid boyfriend (now husband) wouldn't propose, so I resorted to looking at photography websites and blogs and living through the weddings on the screen. Chris was one of my very favorite photographers. I LOVED your wedding and thought (and still think) it is SO beautiful! You did such a good job with every detail. Now that we've got that awkwardness out we can continue to be friends. Right?

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE your wedding pics! You looked beautiful!

    I can't believe you couldn't get into Hunger Games! (In a non hateful way!) They are kind of weird..for sure. Once I got into them I couldn't put it down. It's kind of hard to switch from Harry Potter to Twilight to Hunger Games worlds though!

  8. Your wedding was gorgeous! The "knot junkie" comment made me smile, thinking about the hours and hours on end I spent on there! was fun though. One of my BF's is contemplating a Hawaii wedding, and while I'm super excited, I don't know if we can afford that! Ah! Destination weddings are beautiful though.

  9. Wow, Katie! Absolutely beautiful! I, too, love the detail of including your dad in your big day. Of all the places in the Caribbean I've visited, St. Thomas is my fav.

  10. I absolutely LOVE what you did to include your dad! I've always had the idea to have my dad's photo attached to my bouquet somehow (when I get married)...would love to know where/how you had yours done! Great photos!!

  11. These pics are fabulous Katie!! You and your hubby make a dreamy couple. :) Love the green dresses, too!! :)

  12. Hey hey! I saw your comment on Angela's blog and saw that you're in Tulsa! (as am I!) So, hopped over to read your bloggidy and love it! Just wanted to say your wedding was beautiful and I hope to keep reading! Hello from one Tulsa blogger to the next! :)

  13. so beautiful. love all the little touches and special details! thanks for sharing :)

  14. Oh my gosh, such a gorgeous wedding! I love the colors, and of course the details are spot on!

    As for a destination, I only have personal experience from our honeymoon in St. Lucia. I would absolutely highly recommend it for a destination wedding, it is stunning! We stayed at the Sandals Grande St. Lucian and it was perfect in every way....gorgeous views at the resort, but also a lot of interesting things to do on the island.

    My BIL got married in Jamaica and they have gone back almost every year since. That was before I was with J, so I didn't go, but I personally think Jamaica is overdone.

    And I know it isn't the Caribbean, but J was in a wedding in Hawaii and it was marv!! It was at Turtle Bay Resort (remember Forgetting Sarah Marshall?) on the North Shore of Oahu. It was a few months after our (non-destination) wedding and I so wished we had gone that route. So much fun for everyone that attends!

  15. Man-o-man!! So here is the deal, Kate.....your wedding was the Like, ever. Mine included. The pictures don't really do it justice.

    However, all the amazing details, incredible food, gorgeous setting aside, the best thing about your wedding was, simply, you and Tommy. There is just something about being part of a wedding where you just KNOW the couple is, just, well, IS. IS love, IS happiness, IS fun, IS humor and understanding.

    All I can say is, as a guest of your wedding and a guest in your house (almost) five years later, you and Tommy still have the same thing that makes me feel so special to be part of your life...even if it were for just a teeny, weeny part.

    And you had Pudge on the groom's there you go.


  16. Your wedding pics are gorgeous!! I love, love the colors! I can totally see the Rob Thomas resemblance! lol!

  17. Katie ~ loved your wedding! Florida has the best beaches in the US. I'd love to see pics of your guest book ~ what a fun idea with all the guests pictures and notes from them! I never got to see it finished. As for destination weddings outside of the US I would highly recommend Nevis ~ Four Seasons Resort there is a-maz-ing!!!! We flew to St. Kitts then took a ferry over to Nevis. Kelly Brown

  18. Katie ~ loved your wedding! Florida has the best beaches in the US. I'd love to see pics of your guest book ~ what a fun idea with all the guests pictures and notes from them! I never got to see it finished. As for destination weddings outside of the US I would highly recommend Nevis ~ Four Seasons Resort there is a-maz-ing!!!! We flew to St. Kitts then took a ferry over to Nevis. Kelly Brown


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