I have been dying to tell you guys about the surprise party my friend Iris and I have been planning for our husbands. Finally I get to share!

We had so much fun putting together the details and Iris' inlaws (Matt's parents and sister) hosted and fed us all! We had a really fun night!

The party had a beer/poker theme and I finally got to order a cake that I have envisioned for Tommy's birthday for years --- dogs playing poker. From left is a figurine of Matt and Iris' baby, McCord, Josie, Iris and Matt's Bull Mastiff, Bella, M&I's Boxer, Carter and Pudge.

The details were amazing. Truthfully, we could have just had a party around the cake.

The cake was created by a girl in Owasso who is a friend of a friend. She did an awesome job. Tommy is still talking about it today.

I didn't use my cricut this time to create the banner. I just found a poker chip template on iStockphoto and printed the pieces with the letters already on them. Iris had the great idea to put them on Wilton cake circles and it worked really well.

The birthday boys with their respective pets/babies :).

Cheers to a great party! (I was kind of obsessed with the miniature know how I feel about miniatures!)

Finley even wanted to get in on the fun.

Tommy and Matt have been friends since they were five or six (Tommy cannot remember, so I am just going to go with that). Matt's mom had playing cards made of a picture of them from their first soccer team together.

When we got home, we had to see what Pudge and Carter thought of their likenesses.

I think they approved. (Or were at least very interested.)

Happy 30th birthday, Tom!


  1. Fabulous party! The cake is amazing!

  2. how fun!!!!!! what a great theme, luv luv luv the cake! kels

  3. So cute! Looks like a great party - and that cake is amazing!!! You ladies did a nice job....question is - how will the husbands "top it" for your next birthdays???? love,Jennifer

  4. What a great party, and the cake is unbelievably cute!!! I know Tommy loved it!!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  5. Died. Done and gone. Death by cuteness.

    Where to even start? What is better than dogs and cake? That would be a cake about dogs! The cake was not only amazing, but I could totally pick out Pudge and Carter...poor Carter, you could tell his 'hand' wasn't too great!

    Loved the 'surprise' pic and the playing cards were precious! I don't know how long you have been keeping that secret...but well worth it!!

    Happy Belated Birthday, Tommy! (love, Jock and Charlie)

  6. Shut up with that cake!!!! Holy hell, that is amazing! Seriously fabulous.


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