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I forgot to mention another resolution/goal yesterday. I want to makeover my master bedroom. I would show you what it currently looks like now, but Tommy's nightstand is littered with cups, clothes are on the floor and the bed hasn't been made in a week. So instead I will give you a general idea of the bedroom with the picture from the MLS listing:

It is nice sized room, but pretty vanilla. We are also in the market for a king size bed, which means a new bedframe, dresser and accessories.

Here's the problem. I am soooo picky. I had no idea. Also, furniture shopping isn't nearly as much fun as I thought. For the bedroom I really want to have a mix of pieces and textures that don't all match, but are cohesive. That sounds simple enough. Um, yeah.

I want to find a picture of something I love and just buy it all. Any thoughts on these or any ideas of where to shop?

From PB. I love that the bedframe is fabric and the side tables are wood. My friend Iris just did this in her bedroom and I love it. Not really loving this comforter, but I like the look of the other pieces.

I wish I could get Candice Olson to come by. The next three photos are from her.
Don't you just want to live here?

Anyone want to come over and do my room?
I also love this makeover from House Beautiful.

Okay, so here's where I need your help. Where should I begin? Any great places for ideas, furniture, etc.? Any websites full of room makeovers and places where I can buy everything in them. I kind of just want to see it all and say "that's what I want" and move on.


  1. Forget the decorating, spend your budget on a Tempurpedic mattress. Best.Investment.Ever. Seriously, it is so great Luke considered* canceling his massage membership.

    I am not much decorating help sorry to say. I am so cheap, most of my furniture came from Mathis Brothers As Is department. Maybe find a bed and go from there?

    Good luck....maybe if I am ever in the neighborhood we can put our heads together!


    *I said "considered", not that he actually canceled it. But it helps so much he shortened his weekly appointment from two hours to one.

  2. Uh, tell me more about this massage membership. Listening...

  3. It takes me forever to decorate an entire room! But House Beautiful is definitely where I would start...I have found SO many rooms I love!

  4. My only suggestion is to ask your mother for her help - she has a great eye and a flair for decorating!!!! I do like Janie's idea for the Tempurpedic mattress. We have the Tempurpedic "knock-offs," but both Shannon and Karen have the real thing - and it is a great mattress!!

  5. Oh, it's nothing, really. He joined Massage Envy when he moved down here. So, when he went to cancel his membership a few months ago, they told him he had to use all his free massages in 30 days or they would just go to waste. So, naturally, rather than just cut his losses, Luke gets a free, two hour massage every week. So, while I am up to my eyeballs in poop and about to hang myself if have to hear Yo Gabba, Gabba one.more.time., Luke is getting all relaxed and rubbed up.

    All we need to do is burn though eleventy million massages and the injustice will finally be set right. But, in all fairness, nothing makes a new, exhausted, at-her-wits-end mom feel better like a massage. Maybe next time it will be for me.

    I keed, I keed.....but on second thought, I think I might go and get those cute ballet flats I have had my eye on. I mean, nothing rights a wrong like metallic faux snakes skin flats. Right?

  6. Love the fabric bed! Love the 2nd room design (browns) I think it would go with your room perfectly. Um...and to the comment above. I am VERY interested in this Massage Membership! How amazing does that sound?!? How much is it monthly?

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  8. I'm about to get into the same situation...we're moving into a bigger place soon which will require more furniture. I'm on the hunt for a great corner desk and buffet/server. If I come across any ideas for you I'll share. Good luck with the decorating!!

  9. ok - the "anonymous" was me...seriously tried to post 3 times and blogger just won't let me!! I've had to sign in 2 different ways - it won't accept the mylife@thirty open ID anymore...sorry!

  10. I love the idea of a fabric headboard and then mixing in woods. I can't wait to see how it all comes together. Good luck!

  11. i am loving all the inspiration rooms! can't wait to see what you end up doing.
    i wish i could be of help to you, my bedroom needs a makeover as well but baby's room will be first.

  12. I love Candice Olsen! I think she's my favorite of the design shows on HGTV. Her's look like something you could actually live in, rather than just a showpiece. :)

  13. I would love to help! My sis is an interior designer, so I get a lot of "start" ideas from her and then go from there. Also, we are the QUEENS of inexpensive. :)

    For a headboard (which we have been shopping for for about three years - still haven't pulled the trigger), JCPenney...they have custom fabric options, and they are good quality but not crazy expensive.

    For bedding, I say spend the money on your sheets and your duvet, then go inexpensive like buying separates from TJ Maxx and Ross for the shams, pillow cases, throw pillows, etc.

    Hope this helps!

  14. I like Pottery Barn magazines for inspiration and I've found some great furniture at JCPenney too! They have good design and good prices. Then I'd do TJ for accessories. HGTV.com has some good rooms you could check out. Good luck!

  15. I feel famous when you mention me on your blog :)
    I need help finding a comforter (one with color)!

  16. Have you viewed the Ballard Design catalog at all (website is www.ballarddesigns.com)? I love their stuff, and my other fav is of course Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware. However, I always tend to have champagne taste on a root beer budget. But, I have always invested in a bed frame/headboard or footboard or both that I LOVED and have never looked back. It's worth the extra money when you look at it every day for years. For bedding, my frugal-ness (is that a word, really?) leads me often to my favorite shops of TJ Maxx and Marshalls/Home Goods. I have often found that if you go there alot, you can get some great deals on pretty good sheets (we are snobs in the thread-count department...cannot sleep on less than 400 TC) and also if lucky you can find coordinating duvets/shams etc. I like to not pay alot for these bedding things so I can replace them as they get stains (i.e. - kids roll around on them) or when I get tired of the color scheme. White quilts/duvets go with ANYTHING - just get washable fabric. Also sometimes you can get some great deals at Tuesday Morning store (like Peacock Alley brand....love love love). There - said my unsolicited advice!! love,Jennifer D
    ps - anything you do will be fabulous....always is!

  17. Oooh, a room make-over! Fun! I definitely think you should go with an upholstered headboard. I LOVE them! In fact, you could totally make one yourself! :) That's my plan when we move up to a king! Ok, ok, I know you won't be breaking out a saw and hammer, so I'm going to second a few of these others- JC Penny does have some budget-friendly options that look really good. I also think you could score cheaper sheets and linens at TJ Maxx, you just have to look often. Let me know if you want any help! Can't wait to see it all come together!

  18. Did you ever look up NellHills.com and then once you get there click on her Blog. Mary Carol has some great ideas. I'm sure I'll see you on wed. although I wish it were different circumstances. :(
    Hugs, Ramna

  19. Yep, Ballard Designs is great! But you know on Sarah's house, she always makes her own with her amazing furniture guy. I dream to be Sarah on Sarah's house. Do you know of a good re-upholster (sp?) place here in Tulsa? Let me know if I can help you shop! If I were to re-do mine, I'd go with lots of cream and grey. With pops of yellow, black and white. I'm loving that right now.

  20. your sister is great with this kind of stuff:) thats my advice


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