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So I thought I would kick 2011 off with some of my favorite must-haves right now.

My friend Kim posted on Facebook the other day about how amazing her toothpaste is. (Don't you just love all the things you can find out on Facebook?) Always one to follow up a product recommendation (especially something completely affordable and as important as dental health), I had to try.

You guys, total product WIN. I have been using this since Tuesday and no lie, I can already tell my teeth are whiter. It also came with one use of the new white strips and they are soooo much better than the old ones. They stick to your teeth like a sticker and don't have the yecky goo. I only wish Crest was paying me to endorse this product. (I am sure they will be contacting me soon...you know with my huge readership and all :).

For Christmas my Aunt Linda was very sweet and gave me a special surprise for helping her with her iPad and iPhone (I know a huge chore for me - ha!). We were shopping and I fell in love with the Crabtree and Evelyn Gardeners Hand Therapy lotion. It wasn't sticky and moisturized awesome. I have since invested in the sloughing solution and it rocks. Obviously you don't need to be a gardener to use.

I also had to share a little find, which I am sure anyone who has been shopping in the past 3-5 days already knows, but Ann Taylor Loft has 50% off anything in-store. I picked up this cute little sweater yesterday and an even cuter top than this to go under it (of course, it must have been very popular because it is no longer online). The sale online is pretty good, it just doesn't include everything.

Hope your 2011 is off to a great start!


  1. I've been looking for a new toothpaste! I'm going to give this one a try! Thanks! : )

  2. Hi, Katie,
    I think I can use all three tips that you gave in your blog today!! My hands are in terrible shape so I will be looking for the Crabtree and Evelyn Hand Therapy. I wish you were here to help me with my new iPhone4 that Karen and Bryan were so sweet to give me. They gave me some "starter" tips, but I think I need more help to get the best use out of this wonderful gift!! I have had an Ann Taylor Loft gift certificate for about a year so I think now is the time to use it - as soon as I get rid of this cold and feel like shopping!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  3. You know what is so funny- I bought that toothpaste the other day just hoping it would make my teeth whiter and then I got that cardigan and shirt from Kyle for Christmas! We are sooo a-like. Finny can't wait to see KK tonight. Love you!

  4. This is what I love about blogging....you can even find a great toothpaste. I'll definitely give this a try. Thanks! :)

  5. Ummm...I think you might be my virtual soulmate! Seriously, every time you post, I'm like, "ME, TOO!!" For example? My love for the Crabtree & Evelyn... http://subfertilefrugalista.blogspot.com/2010/12/more-christmas-gift-ideas.html

    And? A few posts expressing my love for Loft...


    And? I *also* got a Keurig for Christmas!

    Next I'll expect you to say that you also got Issey Miyake and if that really happened, then I'm going to freak. (And if not, you should definitely get yourself some, it's perfect!)

    Anyway, couldn't let it go by.

  6. AH I need a new black dress! Loft would be perfect! Thanks for reminding me :)

  7. I just found your blog, it's so cute! Love the tips you posted. :)


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