A smorgasbord (pun kind of intended)

Thursday night Valerie (left), Lou Ann (right) and I had plans to go to dinner for my birthday. (Because everyone knows you don't just get a day -- you get a whole month.) Well, Catherine with Sage called and had even better plans for us - she had a last minute cancellation in her class with the executive chef from Wolfgang Puck's. Um, yeah, we were available.

I would say that Lou Ann and I have the same cooking range. Though, since her dad is a chef, I would say she would probably win in a cook off. Val gets a little more credit. She cooks at home. Like every night. Our meal was a Carribean Style Stewed Chicken with Fried bananas.

I ate things I never eat -- like parsnips. And, you guys, parsnips taste like potatos. (Or at least they did to me.)

We had a ton of fun and I think we all want to go back for another class. I am pretty sure that this is like on that A&E Show Obsesessed -- if you have someone do something they aren't comfortable with over and over again, they finally get over their fear. I think one day I may actually be able to make something.
The smorgasbord:
1- In other news, my friend Megan's post today cracked me up and also got me to think, if I was locked in a mine for 69 days, what would I be looking forward to most? (My answer was pretty lame. Pretty sure it included hot food and a cell phone.)
2- As you guys know, I moved into my new house about 6 months ago. I lived in my previous house for five years and Tommy lived there for 7. I happened to run into our former next door neighbors last night. They didn't recognize me. Like at all. Like I had to introduce myself and remind them that I lived within shouting distance from them for years. It finally clicked. Clearly, we were very close. I mean, I got these people's mail, Tommy cleaned out their litter boxes (that one I straight up refused to do), watered their flowers and said "hi" to them at least once every other week (see above - clearly, not that close). I obviously make quite an impression.
3- I am working on some craft projects today and may even make some cider and bring you my super secret -almost as good as Starbucks- caramel apple cider recipe later this week.


  1. That cooking class looks so fun!!!! :)

  2. So jealous of your cooking class! I want to go with you sometime!

  3. You and your friends do such fun activities!!!
    Love, Aunt Angie


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