Pumpkin Faves

First, I have to say that one of the benefits of a 7 day cough = an all-in-one ab workout. I should have a six pack in a few days.

Next, as I was perusing my blogs today, I came across some VERY easy to do pumpkins. Because, as you know, if I do a craft project, I want it to be easy and fast.

I love this address pumpkin featured on Twig and Thistle. Isn't it classy? She styled this for Better Homes and Gardens. I am still waiting for their call.

Featured today on Simply Creative Insanity were several vignettes of pumpkins that when grouped together make a larger image. I loved these trees. (via Country Living)
Also, Emily from Emily Posts shared these pumpkins that were featured in Real Simple that are wrapped with Washi tape. Um, kind of the easiest pumpkin craft I have ever heard of!
Send me links to your pumpkins! I would love to see them!


  1. I love (!!!) the pumpkins on the bookshelf. Like, LOVE! Not love enough to do them, but only because nobody will see them and the dogs will think they are food and try to eat them while Alex will attempt to carry them around the house, probably dropping them and maybe causing pumpkin guts to get all over my wood floors. Just thinking it exhausted me, so doing it (thus, cleaning it up)....sigh. Maybe I will just print it out and pin it to the wall.

    Great ideas!


  2. Well I guess I didn't even read the deets on my own "favorite project"! I've been stressing out on how to PAINT straight lines on pumpkins! Such a relief to learn it's TAPE!!!

    Thanks, Katie!

  3. I love the address pumpkins! I wonder if it is too late to do that this year?


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