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So I guess one of the only bright sides of being sick are the flowers. :) And you guys know how I love to do them. So I decided to get some for my mom's hospital room and wanted to share how I put them together.

I went to Food Pyramid and just picked up some of their $4 bunches in fall colors. These are rust asiatic lilies, yellow mums, ivory spray roses and green hypericum berries.

I had a square vase at home (my favorites) and started with the asiatic lilies. I kind of arranged them on three of the corners to make it kind of take up most of the vase as a base.
Next, I added the clumps of spray roses.

And filled in with hypericum berries and mums. Also, I always love to tie up with a bow. I feel like it finishes it off.

I have two tips when doing flowers:
1- It is okay to cut the stems. They need to be proportional to the vase.
2- You don't have to use every flower. If you have extras just cut them and put them in another container like I did with this mason jar. Now my mom has flowers for her room and I have a little arrangement for my counter top.
Thank you all for all of your prayers, calls, emails, texts and comments about my mom. Today was a much, much better day and I am sure with each day she will get better. Her doctor's goal was for her to walk from her bed to the nurse's station. Well, my mom is a go-getter, so she took it one step forward and walked around the floor - three times. The more she gets around the better, so we are so grateful for all of your prayers for healing.
Tomorrow I will share pictures of the cutest Halloween owl you ever did see!


  1. Lovely flowers. I'm sure they cheered up your mom's room a ton! Prayers for her to continue on her road to recovery!

  2. So glad Susu is doing so well! I will continue to send you prayers....and in the meantime, I will take your flower arranging, I kinda need help. But any excuse to have flowers in the house I will take it!


  3. Thanks for the good report on your sweet mom!!! That is great that she did so well yesterday!! We will continue to pray for her to get stronger each day!! The flowers are beautiful, of course!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  4. Thinking of you and praying for your Mom!!!

  5. You are so good with flowers! I'm loving the little leftover arrangement!


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