Call me Katie Stewart...okay that isn't funny at all.

In addition to making caramel apple ciders this weekend, I was feeling a little crafty. So my mom, sister and I embarked on a little project. It was sort of a hit or miss situation...but since I am keepin' it real, I thought I would share.

I was inspired by these crackled pumpkins featured on Tatertots & Jello's blog. I will be totally honest, though, I was way too lazy to go through the many steps to get these perfect pumpkins. (I may live to regret this decision.)

So I set out to find crackled spray paint. For the record, crackled spray paint is not sold at Michael's, Lowe's, Home Depot or Walmart. Take it from me, I checked. However, it is sold at Hobby Lobby only in the colors shown below.

We started with a bunch of Better Homes and Gardens pumpkins from Walmart and my sister and I had some larger craft pumpkins from Michael's. We sprayed them with the base coat of the gold. I think here is where the problem needs a lot of gold spray paint. Like doused.

Then while it is still tacky you go over it with the crackle. I kind of went and saw the movie Life as You Know It (really cute, by the way) while these dried and they kind of dried a little too much, so when I went to crackle the large pumpkins...yeah, not so much.

However, my mom did hers all at one time and they turned out really cute.

I will say the only issue with hers were that they were made out of styrofoam and got kind of stuck to the paper and sort of melted on the bottom, but for her purposes they will look cute.
My garage also still totally reeks of spray paint (yeah, probably should have done this outside). So I guess the moral of the story is to follow the directions on the bottle or use the suggested way from Tatertots & Jello!


  1. great job on the pumpkins!!! So good to see you today :)

  2. You girls are just so crafty!! Those are really cute, and I would love to see what kind of arrangement you made with them. Love, Aunt Angie

  3. Well aren't you crafty! I want to see your pumpkins!

  4. You are so funny. You craft like i do; as fast as possible.

  5. I loved how that turned out! Would love to see what yours looked like!!

  6. I really want to see that movie! Is it bad that I like the way spray paint smells??

  7. Those look great! I really like the blue ones too, although I'd never have thought to do blue!

  8. They came out really pretty! Love the crackled effect for Halloween:)

  9. you ARE very martha-ish! love these. and i can't get over the pictures of finley!! she is GORGEOUS!!! :)


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