Because I am totally lazy

Because I am feeling lazy (and because I am totally getting a massage today and don't want to ruin my calm), I am going to bring you some of my favorite finds that I came across when catching up on my Google Reader.

Love these monster eyes from The Farm Girl Recipes. I mean, I could totally do this. Marshmallows, black jelly beans (may have to do red...I hate licorice), and a lollipop stick. Looks fool proof. Right? And I will take any excuse I can get to drink hot chocolate.

Another totally doable and fun treat - these turkey cupcakes from Chuckles, Grins and Banged Up Shins.
Lastly, I will admit - I hate carving pumpkins. I now know why my mom never did them with us as a child. They are messy, take forever and I can never get the inside quite clean enough. That is why I love these from Amy Atlas. And they really look quite easy today.

I may or may not just take on a project this afternoon. I guess stay tuned!


  1. I LOVE those cupcakes! I will be making those this year.

  2. Thanks for sharing my cupcakes! (:


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