It's Fall!

This weekend my college roommates Janie and Emily came to Tulsa to visit (which was way fun by the way). And as any person who goes on a weekend getaway to a friend's house would love to do, they (along with my mom - thanks, mom) helped me decorate for Fall.

I did the "boo" on my pumpkins with my cricut! (The "boo" is vinyl.)

Janie placed this pumpkin. This elephant has great balance.

It looks a lot homier around here.
I have lots of fun fall posts for the rest of the week...including my own version of Starbucks' Caramel Apple Cider - heaven!


  1. Everything looks very pretty!! Great job!! I love decorating for the holidays!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  2. You have a lot of Southern Living Home accessories! I do too! My sister sells it (really only so she can get the merchandise for herself!). The holder you have on your table, I use in my bathroom for all of my "jams and jellies" as Candice Olson would say. :) Super cute! I LOVE the Fall!

  3. all your fall decor looks great! love the boo on your pumpkins, so cute!!

  4. I had so much fun and loved helping you put out your decor. It inspired me to do more at my house :) Also loved the pralines!! Your mom is the best!

  5. Looks great! Love the boo pumpkins...maybe I can get you to make me boo letters ;)

  6. I had so much fun too!!! Even though I sounded like Doc Holiday with my wicked allergy induced tuberculosis cough. Your house is so amazing and your better-than-Starbuck's-carmel-apple-cider warmed me all the way home!!

    Miss you!!!

  7. I love your "B-O-O" pumpkins and the little pumpkin on the elephant. Great touch!


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