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As I was perusing my blogs today, I came across this adorable way to showcase the next new dessert - macarons - on Party Perfect via dSharp. Party Perfect is a super cute blog if you don't already follow it.

Also, I must have kind of a love affair with Twig and Thistle because I loved her pumpkins yesterday and today I am totally crushing on these cupcake liner trees, which I think would be really chic at Christmas. We'll see if I get around to those....(my guess is no).

Also, I had to share Finley's Halloween costume! (Sorry for the very tiny pictures...these were back and forth texts from my sister, so somehow in the mix they got shrunk to miniscule.)

Allison really wanted Finley to go as the owl from Pottery Barn, which is so, so cute. But, honestly, it was hard to stomach a $50 price tag for a costume the poor baby wouldn't really trick or treat in. (At least in my opinion.)

For Finley's birthday, I did get her the legit trick or treat bag as the basket for her gifts. Well, Allison's mother-in-law happens to be a whiz at the sewing machine and used the bag as her template and made her a pretty awesome costume, don't you think?

Allison got little Miss Finley pink tights, so she will be the cutest owl around! I will definitely share pics of all the nieces and nephews.


  1. You should know about a little problem I have. i kinda follow some blogs that you follow. You and I are like the marketing of a new Walgreens.....you follow whatever CVS does because they have already done the leg work. So you are the CVS to my Walgreens. You can bet that my comment on any of those blogs will be about five behind yours. Having said that........

    Alex is going to be a spider this year because, like you, I think it it totally silly to pay $60 for the Shark costume from Pottery Barn Kids even though it makes me want to follow him around doing the "nnnn-nnnn, nnnn-nnnn" thing from Jaws. But the owl costume is a PERFECT match!!!! Perfect!!! I can't wait to see how Finley looks all gussied up. Whooooo could be cuter I ask?

    Yeah, that was bad. But that is why I am the Walgreens and you are the CVS. I mean, at least CVS sells wine.


  2. CVS sells wine??????????

    Love that owl costume- can't wait to see her all dressed up!

  3. Love the costume! and that wrapper tree is pretty cute too! I'm ready for Christmas decor since I slacked too long and didn't do much for halloween... let's just get it over with and move on!

  4. Adorable. I too fell in love with that costume and recreated one of my own.
    You will have to stay tuned. You forgot to order the legit bags for my girls.. he he.

    Love the tree. I too would like to make those for Halloween.

  5. I can't wait to see pics of her in the costume! Loving the cupcake liner tree.

  6. Finley is too adorable in the owl costume. Both Alex and Noah were owls two years ago, and I had their costumes made for them. I think Sharon did an excellent job on Finley's owl.
    Love, Aunt Angie


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