Since I am now boycotting blogger...

I cannot bear to try to post my Boston photos again after my earlier debacle. So I will leave you this. I just finished Last Night at Chateau Marmont and it was really, really cute. I would highly recommend it. Let me know if you guys read it and what you thought. The author also wrote The Devil Wears Prada, which I thought was whiney and annoying. I wanted to just tell the girl to quit her job and move on. But this one was much more real and refreshing.

I am currently listening to The Carrie Diaries. It is supposed to be about Carrie Bradshaw in high school - before she became THE Carrie Bradshaw. First, I guess I thought it would have been written in diary format. Yeah, not so much. The book is downright not good. Maybe the fact that it is in the Young Adult section should have given that away, but I love all things teeny bopper - Twilight, Gossip Girl, The Real World. However, I just keep listening to it...while sporadically turning it off to listen to the radio out of sheer annoyance. Did anyone else read it? Does it ever get better? I can hear the grating, whiney voice of the narrarator in my nightmares.


  1. Ugh that's SO frustrating! But let me know if you find a less-buggy alternative to posting! That happens to me pretty regularly. I'm sorry girl!

  2. I hate that they wrote that for young adults...bc teens shouldnt have been watching SATC! That sucks its bad. Do you think its just the narrating that's making it horrible??


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