One year ago today...

...Little Finley was born! It is hard to believe that she was only a little over 5.5 pounds. Today she is a big girl - 22 pounds. Or is it 23? Doesn't really sure feels like a lot when your arm gets sore from holding her.

1 Day old with her Aunt KK (or Aunt Cake - I go by both) (please take note of the world's greatest aunt shirt).

3 months old

5 months old

8 months old
Such a big girl now!

Finley is walking and babbling. She LOVES Uncle Tommy. Allison and I went to lunch with Finley earlier this week and I asked Finley where Uncle Tommy was. Bless her, she kept looking around for him. It was really sweet, but I felt sort of evil since Tommy was at work.
I am super excited about her owl party today. My sister has worked really hard on it and it will be presh! Also, my friend Addie is starting a photography business and luckily for all of us, she will be taking the pictures.
More later...I cannot wait to show you what I got her!


  1. Happy Birthday sweet Finley!!! I can't wait to see pics from the party!

    And that is too hilarious you ask her where Tommy is....evil, yes, but hilarious.

    And Happy Anniversary, Katie for another year of being a great aunt! We all knew you could do it!

  2. finley is seriously the cutest lil thing!! happy birthday finley!

  3. She is so incredibly adorable!! It is not too often that you see a baby who doesn't go through a little awkward stage in the first year, but it doesn't look like she did. She's so gorgeous and I love that you're so in love with being an auntie.

    Happy birthday, Finley!

  4. Happy Birthday Finley! What a doll. Can't wait to see all the fun party pics!

  5. I can't believe it's already been a year since that precious baby was born! She is so darn cute! Can't wait to see pics of the party and what you got her :)

  6. I love your progression of photos of Finley. You look great in everyone, and Finley is absolutely adorable!!! I think the last one was taken while we were there, and I love that picture!! I can't wait to see full coverage of Finley's first birthday party!!!! Love all of you!!

  7. You are the best aunt EVER! She feels so honored to be the topic of an entire post! How is it that she is already a year old!!! I can not believe it. As Jane said, you have another year of being a great aunt under your belt. Love you!!

  8. Oh just WOW. You are both adorable. Seeing pictures of Finley makes my ovaries ache, as my womb is forever closed for business. LOVE the pics!


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